PowerApps Solitaire

Who says PowerApps is just for work?

Why not have a little fun creating a culture classic like Solitaire?

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The Premise

PowerApps is primarily seen as your go-to product for creating Business apps within your Office 365 tenant. However, with a bit of knowhow, it can be more than just a business product platform, and instead become a game engine!

Introducing PowerApps Solitaire. Built in-house to challenge developers to create something new, this App replicates the all time classic card game, and can be easily accessed through the browser, or through SharePoint / Microsoft Teams.

The Concept

Why build something with a non-business function in a platform designed for dynamic and low-code/no-code business solutions?

The idea with an app such as this is to create apps for a wider range of audiences, with customisation options to suit your organisation. Content such as the cards, the display and the accessibility is completely customisable within the app itself to fit your requirements.

Projects like these push the boundaries of what is available to developers within PowerApps, and allows us to create new solutions whilst thinking outside the box. Concepts such as accessibility features, customisation of cards and tiles and adaptability to other devices like mobile all reflect on real-world requirements of business applications, whilst being easily repeatable into live projects.

The Effect

Apps like these are a great integration of the ability of Power Apps into the business, and gamification of potential solutions. The functions used to build an app like this can easily be translated into a work-based solution, but with the additional engagement of gamification.

The app can also be used as part of team-build exercises and for the purpose of general wellbeing in the workplace, providing a competition for high-scores on the scoreboard and a necessary break from work during lunch hours. All whilst still within a business-based product.

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