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What is the Bespoke Adoption Package? 

The Bespoke Adoption Package is for organisations who want to deploy Microsoft Teams to its full extent, allowing additional time for more in-depth training sessions, detailed environment setups, and analytics of Teams usage.  

What do I get in the Bespoke Adoption Package?

  • Detailed deployment services for Teams, including environment setup and best practise guidance.
  • Dedicated training for I.T and nominated Teams champions to successfully manage and use Microsoft Teams to its fullest extent.
  • A set number of live webinar training sessions for both users and owners/admins, with customisable content.
  • Recordings of the training webinars.
  • Escalation support hours to provide guidance to users where I.T cannot solve the issue.
  • Analytics of Teams usage in your organisation, and professional recommendations to improve engagement.

Why would I choose Bespoke? 

Looking to move your organisation into the cloud? Already working with Office 365 and are seeking out more integration? The Bespoke package will help your organisation truly move into the cloud and provide the best practises in doing so. You will be getting the most out of Teams, as well as your nominated champions and your I.T being upskilled in the use of Teams and the Teams Admin Dashboard, providing troubleshooting methods, user management and telephone solutions. Moreover, every month we will review your organisations Teams usage and provide you with suggestions on how to get more of your organisation engaged with Microsoft Teams. 

What can I customise in the Bespoke Package?

  • Dates of the training sessions (Allowing at least a day between sessions).
  • Content of the training sessions including the additional sessions (A template training presentation will be provided to run through, then additions/removals can be made)
  • Basic video editing to the recorded training webinars


Understand the art of the possible with Microsoft Teams, and see how it fits into your organisation.


Create an environment with professional help. Learn best practises to enable modern teamworking in your organisation.


Run a supervised Microsoft Teams pilot in your organisation, understand how you will use Teams and tailor future training.


Understand how your organisation uses Teams with detailed analytics, and fully deploy using lessions learned from the pilot