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Looking to accelerate your business growth, fed-up with wasting time and other distractions getting in your way? There is no better time than now to start your journey to digital transformation.

The quickest way to accelerate this growth is through technology, with the world’s most successful businesses using Office 365, 98% of the Fortune100 list utilise Microsoft tools to empower their digital transformation. Are you using the full capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud offerings?  

The vast choices of cloud technology can be a complex maze to work through, especially with the speed at which technology is constantly changing. We will steer you through these choices, helping you to navigate your own path of achieving sustained and controlled growth using cloud technology.  

Our Continual Development Service has been designed specifically to help you grow, develop, and keep pace with technology. Our highly skilled SharePoint & Office 365 team will guide you, making your goals a reality, however small or big. Working with you to get the full potential out of your systems and maximum engagement throughout your teams, accelerating your digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation is a phrase often used, according to Wikipedia it is as simple as transforming processes that were non-digital or manual to digital processes. So, are you using the full capabilities of Office 365 to digitalise your processes, if not then your business is starting off on the backfoot?  

The days of keeping an office version for 10 years + are long gone. The same is true for on premises servers, hardware, local drives etc. Start thinking about IT as leveraging what is available and using this to the best ability, forget future proofing systems, simply keep changing them to keep up.  
You can achieve this by leveraging the full Office 365 tool set. You already pay for them, so it makes sense to harness the full potential, whether this be SharePoint, Power Apps or Power Automate.  
We can help you with your journey, guide you through the roadblocks and set you on the correct road to achieve your digital transformation. Ensuring you utilise your Office 365 licences to their full capability and unleash the power of the cloud to your organisation.  

“We have benefited greatly from Business Cloud Integration’s Continual Development Service. It has allowed us far better flexibility in our project delivery & enabled us to run various projects simultaneously. This has improved our delivery time & reduced the overheads for internal project management.”

Richard BruntonIT Operations Manager (UK University College)