Education Solutions

Right from the registration at a university through to the end of a student’s tenure they are bombarded with forms, we estimate that in a student journey they will come into contact with over 50 types of forms to be completed.

These forms are often bits of paper that get pushed under doors, left on desks, and placed in trays with many of these forms having deadlines and being time-sensitive. Is it any wonder that this results in lost forms and unhappy students. Students expect to have technology at their fingertips and apps that manage these forms.

There is another way! Business Cloud Integration can work with you to digitise your student forms, creating a central hub that holds all student accessible forms.


  • Less administration  
  • Audit trail - clear, digital, traceable applications 
  • Faster approvals  
  • Reduction in administration time for the faculty 
  • Easier onboarding of new students 
  • Rules and alerts in place to ensure forms go to the right place, every time 
  • Bursary able to efficiently allocate funds to students 
  • Transparency – students and staff can see the real-time status of submissions 

We understand that the university and college structure can be quite complicated, and you tend to have smaller more generalised IT departments, so, to fully harness Office 365’s capabilities it makes sense to partner with someone with specialised knowledge giving your team time to concentrate on other areas. 

As a Microsoft Gold partner, charter partner for Business Applications and Content Services and Advanced specialisations in Adoption and Change Management we understand the tools. With expertise helping colleges create student forms in Power Apps, integrate SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams for staff and students we can help. 

With cloud technology changing so rapidly traditional project methodologies just don’t work, that is why we introduced our Continual Development Service. This is a new way of working to help you continually deliver and iterate your technology in a more agile way – no more big waterfall projects. Our teams understand the complex college and university structure and the processes needed to make your project a success and to be delivered on time. It’s time to put engagement and continual delivery of apps and automation on the school syllabus… 

“We have benefited greatly from Business Cloud Integration’s Continual Development Service. It has allowed us far better flexibility in our project delivery & enabled us to run various projects simultaneously. This has improved our delivery time & reduced the overheads for internal project management.”

Richard BruntonIT Operations Manager (UK University College)

Presenting the 3 distinct solutions that were developed:

  • Freshers powered by PowerApps
  • Paperless Student on-boarding Process
  • Notifications with the latest info to new students
  • Faculty of Administration & Reporting

Student Forms Automation in Flow & PowerApps Provide tools and process to allocate funding, manage and ensure student data security & privacy Implement approval processes across multiple departments and external approvers. Student Rooms Browser PowerApp Visual rooms browser for all student accommodation Integrated with the student-led algorithm for calculating room bands With just 5 days to create, test, and debug the entire solution!

Starting at university can be an exciting but also unsettling time for new students. So many forms to fill in, and so many bits of paper. I will explain how my team helped one university completely eliminate paper forms through a combination of PowerApps, SharePoint, and Microsoft Flow.