Site Location Data Power App

Manage data on Multiple locations / sites in a single App

Easily access site contacts and important site data

Ideal for Facility Management or Corporate Estate Companies

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The Requirement

When managing multiple sites or facilities its vital to be able to easily access key information about that site while on the road.

Using a tablet app to easily show key information about your assets location, as well as key details, directions and contacts makes it easier to inspect or visit sites.

Clients often ask us to replace those Excel spreadsheets or complex databases that require technical support to access remotely and are lacking the ability to update details to the corporate inventory directly from site.

The Solution

Enter the Business Cloud Integration Site Data Power App. A low-code re-deployable solution available to any organisation managing multiple locations/sites. Utilising standard Microsoft licencing, this app requires the bare minimum Power Apps license, with no premium connectors.

App Features include:-

– Search across all available site data
– Multiple Image storage and update per sites
– Live editing of all details for permissioned users

Business Cloud Integration Template Features include:-

– Accessibility checked
– Dark mode available as standard
– Branding of logo and colour scheme included
– Tablet and Phone compatibility


Get your App journey started

Through our provisioning and deployment Engine Casper365, we can deploy this app to your tenant today, and customise to your brand and data storage requirements.

With the app deployed and any customisations added in, it will be ready for launch to your organisation. Administrators will be provided training and training materials in order to maintain the app, and improvements for further versions can begin to be documented.

Our Site Visits app is a fantastic start for those organisations that are new to the Power Platform and what to get a taste of what it can do for you and your business.

If this Power App suits your needs get in touch today and we’ll talk through the next steps for deployment with you. If you’d like to get started with Power Apps then get in touch and we can talk through how your organisation can transform to the new low code revolution.

How does our deployment work?

With our Microsoft 365 companion tool, Casper365, built in-house by Microsoft 365 experts, for experts, we can deploy any of our SharePoint Templates, Teams Templates or Power Platform solutions to your tenant at a moments notice. Built solely in Azure, our Casper365 tooling and dedicated team will get your chosen solution deployed and ready to use whenever suits your organisation,.

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