4 Roadblocks to successful Office 365 adoption

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Cloud technology sets the foundation of transformation for businesses. The adoption of cloud services worldwide has continued to accelerate at an incredible pace. In almost all industries, the cloud changes how people work, where people work, and the way people do business.

While cost reduction is still a top priority, scalability and business agility have stepped to the forefront as primary reasons businesses are adopting cloud solutions. However, there are four roadblocks that can stop a successful Office 365 adoption.  


Having the right skills in your team to inspire, design, empower and achieve successful adoption. Scaling a highly skilled team to grow and shrink as workloads vary for business analysis, solution design, development and training is impossible to recruit for and to keep. 


“We’ve always done it this way” is an adoption killer. Knowing how to explain and articulate the business benefits of the tools to excite even then most hardened old tech advocate is a key roadblock to overcome. 


Understanding the right tools for the right teams, how to scale them, and how to govern them. It’s most likely your first time implementing the platform and support is needed to get it right. 


With monthly updates and quarterly major releases, the technology is changing faster than you can implement it – how do you keep up? 

Your New Team 

The roadblocks of adopting 365 are a tough nut to crack, We at Business Cloud Integration live on the bleeding edge of the product. For each roadblock, we provide the solution: 

  • Team – Our expert team of Consultants, solution developers, business analysts, and project managers are the team for you, providing the training, knowledge, and tools to drive your adoption forward byempowering you, the organisation. 
  • Tools – We have developed our own inhouse tools to enhance your Office 365 experience, from automation to migration.
  • Technology – It’s not our first time…we utilise Office 365 for every aspect of its functionality for our day to day working, looking for new ways that it can provide business value not just for ourselves, but for all our clients and partners. 
  • Tradition – Providing new ways of working to break with tradition means we have new and innovative ways to help you remove roadblocks and keep the road ahead clear.

Contact us to chat through your requirements and find out how we can help make your Office 365 adoption a success. 

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