Adjusting to the new hybrid workplace with the latest updates from Microsoft Purview

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Managing corporate change and doubt in this current age is a significant task for companies, especially for those with set compliance and security teams. The methods and diverse ways in which we connect with our co-workers, partners, and clients look vastly different than the way they did only a couple of years ago. As the landscape of work changes and progresses, the approach to how we safeguard our users, and our information must therefore develop with it. As an increased number of employees consider shifting to a remote or hybrid workplace and countless employees think about changing jobs, security teams will need to spend even more time and consideration to safeguard company data.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Purview – a complete and thorough collection of solutions designed to assist companies in regulating, safeguarding, and supervising their data. These fresh solutions will bring together the resources of the former Azure Purview and the Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio. Also revealed was Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365 will now be known as’ Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management’.

The latest updates include:

  • Brand new policy approvals, email notifications, and sequence detection in analytics
  • Policy prompts centered on irregular activity
  • Detection abilities for important file categories
  • Increased coverage with third-party alerts (via Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps)
  • Suggested advice and procedures for Insider Risk Management admins

Latest updates to analytics

One fantastic starting point for Insider Risk Management is to conduct an analytics assessment. After 48 hours with an Insider Risk Management admin initiating the analytics assessment, the results offer actionable understandings which may reveal any risks of theft or data leaks, such as what proportion of users are performing any type of exit activities. These anonymous results are grouped, delivering a top-level understanding of any current risks in your setting, all whilst safeguarding the privacy of the user.

A few of these latest updates include:

  • Latest policy proposals
  • Email notifications for analytics initiation
  • Superior insights with sequence discovery

Let’s begin

As these new features in Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management are already widely available and have started to be rolled out to customer tenants, solutions will also become more widely available across government clouds.

And to help with this, Microsoft revealed that there is now an easier way for you to try Microsoft Purview solutions by going directly to the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal. If you are an existing Microsoft 365 E3 user and experiencing Insider Risk Management appeals to you, look at the Insider Risk Management Trial or the Purview trial and find out how insider risk solutions and analytics can provide your company with actionable insights. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for the latest updates over the next few weeks!

At Business Cloud Integration, we ourselves have made the move to hybrid working (with enormous success) which has meant spending a lot of time and resources on making sure all our users and data are protected. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Content Services Chartered Partner, we have found that the Microsoft resources and guidance available to us is invaluable and have really benefited from this vital partnership.

If you are interested in finding out more on what Microsoft resources are available to you or are interested in anything SharePoint, Power Platform, or Migration related then get in touch with us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Our highly skilled and experienced team is always on call, and, thanks to Microsoft, we have the resources and capabilities to help you benefit and expand in today’s ever-changing work environment, making sure your company not only succeeds but gets to value faster!

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