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Boosting Remote Team Collaboration: SharePoint and Office 365 Migration Services

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SharePoint and Office 365 have become essential tools for remote teams, enabling seamless collaboration, document sharing, and project management. Now that remote work has become the norm, companies are relying on these powerful platforms to keep their teams connected and productive. At Business Cloud Integration we offer managed migration services that can help your remote team fully leverage SharePoint and Office 365. Let’s explore the benefits of these tools and how our services can enhance your team’s collaboration, focusing on their impact on team meetings.

Using the Together mode in Microsoft Teams, we can create an immersive meeting experience for your team. This feature allows meeting participants to feel as if they are all interacting in the same room, regardless of their physical location. With our managed migration services, we can help you optimise the Together mode by strategically designating seats for members, fostering better engagement and collaboration during meetings.

To streamline your workflow and enhance productivity during meetings, we can assist you in employing the ability to drop shared content into a separate window. With this feature, you can easily review meeting content and member interactions simultaneously, allowing for a more efficient and focused meeting experience.

For Android users, we can help you make the most of the renovated companion mode in Teams mobile. This feature is particularly valuable for hybrid meetings, where some team members are physically present while others join remotely. The revised companion mode provides easy access to features such as chat and Microsoft Whiteboard, empowering both in-person and remote participants to actively contribute to the meeting. Meeting controls, such as casting a PowerPoint or muting the room, are also conveniently accessible, ensuring smooth and seamless collaboration.

When it comes to calls, comprehensive call history is a notable change. Our managed migration services can provide you with a thorough view of your call history, including key details on call arrival, handling, and transfers. With access to call transcriptions and recordings, you can gain valuable context and communicate more effectively.

Regarding chat and collaboration, we can help you take advantage of Microsoft 365-associated templates. By seamlessly integrating the best features of Microsoft Teams templates with SharePoint sites, you can effortlessly set up new teams using default templates, with the associated SharePoint template automatically applied. This simplifies the process and ensures consistency across platforms.

Furthermore, we can assist you in leveraging recommended responses in Group Chat. Powered by machine learning, these recommended replies allow you to respond to messages with just one click, saving time and promoting efficient communication within your team.

Managing files within channels and OneDrive has never been easier. With our assistance, you can effortlessly rename or remove files directly from the files tab, ensuring streamlined organization and maintenance of your files within the Teams environment.

Our managed migration services also encompass improvements to the power platform and custom development. We can provide you with a streamlined app update experience, where authorising an update once will automatically carry it over to all chats and meetings. Additionally, we can ensure that even if you do not have a specific app connected, you can still view a preview card when a fixed link is shared, enhancing your overall user experience.

With our enhanced usage analytics, administrators and users of Teams can gain valuable insights into their usage patterns. We are committed to providing you with accurate and detailed reports that enable you to measure the usage of the Teams app across your company and make informed decisions.

Don’t let remote work hinder your team’s productivity and collaboration. Embrace the power of SharePoint and Office 365 with our managed migration services. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can help your business thrive in the era of remote work, enabling your team to stay connected, collaborative, and innovative. Together, we can achieve digital excellence and drive your business toward success.

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