Build a culture of confidence and resilience for a Hybrid Workplace

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Following the last 12 months of countless people working remotely, even if just partially, many new employees now assume their job will permit this innovative way of working. Along with the increased execution of the vaccines which is taking place across the globe, all companies are eager to develop new work methods especially in the current post-pandemic era.

These new Hybrid workplaces are quite simply, just working situations that can contain and adapt for both in-office employees and those working remotely. The decision for employees to work totally remotely, entirely the in-office or the mix of the two is decided by several factors including the individual’s own choice or the site-specific aspects of their job/role. Hybrid Workplaces can work alongside Microsoft 365 to bring about excellent efficiency and production.

The Microsoft 365 Tools that can better support and control your Hybrid Workplace

Each new edition of SharePoint brings with it a ton of new elements and services, meaning SharePoint Migration is a great service to be involved with, especially if you want your company to be ahead of the game. It will allow you to gain access to all the Microsoft 365 tools, making your company’s path ahead a lot more knowledgeable and adaptable.

Also available alongside Microsoft 365 and at no extra cost to you is Microsoft Teams. Teams was created to keep in mind the growing increase in popularity that working remotely has brought about whilst also being targeted to establish a centre for all teamwork in the most efficient way. Teams unites group chats, one-to-one chats, video chats, and document cooperation into a specific united application that allows for new, thrilling ways of working collectively. This means this new innovative digital workplace, joined with Microsoft Teams will be able to literally work miracles!

When your employees are working both in the office and remotely, they may find it tricky and complicated to accomplish all the tasks that are normally finalised as part of the team. This issue can be solved by using Microsoft Planner which will help them to not only create a plan but also add other individual’s responsibilities to that plan and help allocate new tasks to different members of that team. Assignments can also be synchronized straight from emails, allowing the team to devote less time to searching and extra time to the actual doing. Not only that but to assist the shift to a Hybrid working method, these plans can be edited and finished at any location and on any device. Microsoft Planner can also be incorporated into Teams and all other Microsoft 365 applications 

Two innovative resources that will help steer and control the move to hybrid work

The two new resources mentioned below help illustrate Microsoft’s viewpoint that directors and those in charge must join as one to generate a modern, adaptable working model that covers both people and processes and essentially modernizes their company for this new way of working.

Resource 1:  Hybrid Workplace Flexibility Guide – initially designed specifically for Microsoft employees. This guide will be able to help you find examples of templates and tools for the new way of working. Companies will also have access to thorough plans that incorporate everything from approaches to ensuring your employees are healthy, to precise plans for helping them to allocate their time between both the physical and remote workplaces.

Resource 2: Hybrid Work – A Guide for Business Leaders. This guide covers much of what has been already learnt on how to reinvent places, people, and methods for this new working world.

If you are interested in finding out more information on these 2 resources, then check out the link:

Hybrid Workplace Flexibility Guide

Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders,

Microsoft itself started accepting some employees back to their offices as early as March 2021, but it has completely accepted this new way of working, urging its staff and employees to consider their well-being and mental health as well as participating in security systems and cloud devices.

If you are interested in making the move to this new way of working and wish to make it a flawless and smooth experience, your company needs to ensure that they are getting the most out of your existing Microsoft 365 subscription.

To make the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription and learn more about remote working then get in touch with us today and see how we at Business Cloud Integration can help you to reinvent and modernise your company.


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