Collaborate and transform your business with innovative enhancements to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft are constantly producing easier ways for users to collaborate and transform their business. With that in mind, Microsoft Teams has been making enhancements to ensure users have all the info they might need, whenever they need it! Some of these latest developments include:


During a Teams meeting, utilize the one-click Poll for an instant check-in
Hosts can start these polls without the need for advanced prep. All users need to do is speak the question and then click the instant subsequent response icon. This app, Microsoft is the only one that presents a one-click immediate binary poll.

Contemporary meeting experiences via the web
This contemporary chat and meeting Teams experience is now accessible in Chrome and Edge browsers. Updates include a dynamic view and a revised control bar.


Transcript available for Microsoft Teams Calls on Android 
A full transcript for both group and personal calls is now available in android on the Teams app. This will be helpful for those users who are always on the move.

Chat & Partnership

Now Teams users can choose to receive or block a chat invitation from an unknown user
This capability that users have to receive or block a single chat from an unknown user is already commonplace for those users of Teams. However, Microsoft has increased the extra layer of protection Teams users have so that now they can also receive or block requests from an unknown user.

Organise and plan emails
Now that colleagues are spending more of their time working remotely or from various locations, users are finding it difficult to manage their colleague’s work calendar especially when it comes to sending work emails during their individually set working hours. Just like users can postpone when they deliver an email in Outlook, they can now simply choose a future time and date that the email will be delivered. Users can just click send to set a send time, with the reassurance the email will actually get there on that specific date and at the set time.

Review a whole chat history by simply clicking on search message results
Now users will be able to see an entire message thread simply when they click on the chat message search result, no matter how long ago the conversation started. This improves users’ effectiveness as it makes sure the user has the full background of the chat.

Unread toggle
To help make it easier for users to see and catch up on their unread chat message notices, they can simply turn on the unread toggle button Users will additionally be able to turn off the unread toggle in order to see both the unread and read notifications.

Collaborate and transform your business with the help of these latest Microsoft Teams enhancements by getting in touch with us today and see how using a reliable, trustworthy, and highly regarded Microsoft consultant will help your business to become as advanced and innovative as possible whilst allowing all employees to collaborate freely, regardless of their location!

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