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It has now been five years ago since Microsoft Teams started its amazing journey. Now, with almost 300 million users, Teams is where the hybrid of office and remote working really comes together. It is the place to be. Teams joins together all the parts you need to connect and cooperate effectively. From collaborating with colleagues from outside your business to allowing you the flexibility to work, when and where you want to, these upgrades focus on the new opportunities that this modern workplace brings.

This latest update from Microsoft Teams brings us exciting new features and capabilities that your company can use in order to develop and thrive in today’s world. Below are some great new releases that Teams has on offer:


Join meetings anonymously
Join meetings anonymously from your Teams desktop app. Before, if you needed to join a meeting presented in a cloud separate from your tenant’s, you had to use Teams web. Now, business users can enter meetings in GCC, GCC-High, and DOD clouds from their desktop, allowing for a superior meeting experience.

Share system audio on the web
Users utilizing the web can now incorporate audio when sharing their window or desktop in a Teams meeting. This is helpful if you are sharing a video with added music or a voiceover. It permits everyone to watch it concurrently with no audio or sync issues.


Select available Outlook contacts for calling
Any Outlook connections that have a phone number linked will now be available for calling situations, like transferring a call or using the dial pad in the Calls app.

Customizable banner for Emergency Calling
Admins now can notify their users about emergency calling through a custom disclaimer banner that will pop up within the Calls app. You can then accept the notification by clicking on the banner.

Chat & Collaboration

Teams’ mobile: Text prediction
When you create or answer a message in Teams, Editor Text Predictions predicts your answer and will recommend an appropriate word or phrase. This allows you to save time and will help lessen the number of typos.

Recommended responses in chats
Are you after a quick response or a predictable answer to a chat? Suggested replies in Teams now on desktop utilizes assistive AI to generate three short authentic responses established from the context of the previous message.

Power Automate templates included in Teams templates 
Creating a new team? Use Team templates to produce the correct team needed with all the predefined channels and preinstalled apps required. Microsoft-provided team templates will incorporate a new Power Automate tab where you will be able to discover a variety of Power Automate flow templates.

Power Platform and custom development

Message extension access point for Workflows in Teams
Channel, Teams, or Chat-based workflows are a strong tool for cooperation and effectiveness. With a message extension-based entry point, users can search and see appropriate workflows as well as activate pre-configured workflows from the message extension menu.

Automation templates in the Teams app store
A new “Automation” group will be added to the Teams app store, complete with new Power Automate templates that offer a simple starting point for your automation workflows.

Utilize these latest updates from Microsoft Teams and join the enormous number of companies focused on upgrading and modernizing their businesses in this new hybrid era by getting in touch with us today and see how using a reliable, trustworthy, and highly regarded Microsoft consultant can help you and your business on its journey to digital renovation. 

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