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Employees return to workplaceUnfortunately, there are no universal guidelines or help books for reopening a company during a global pandemic. Every company faces the overwhelming task of reducing the risk in meeting rooms, on factory floors, in storefronts, etc to guarantee protection for all its staff and customers.

Companies should resume sensibly, monitor cleverly, and continue to safeguard with solutions for a safer workplace environment. You need to make sure to provide facility leaders and task force chiefs with the training they need in order to make educated decisions and carefully reopen their sites. 

Earlier this year at the Microsoft Inspire event, Microsoft launched a new Power Platform return to workplace solution to assist customers in safely planning their return to the workplace. These end-to-end parts were created for quick operation and customization and provide location ease and safety tools for facility managers, self-service health and safety tools for employees, and case management tools for health and safety leaders. 

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This Power Platform return to workplace pre-built solution is a complete, end-to-end set of segments that will help companies organize, strategize, and maintain the return to the workplace with the added confidence of guaranteeing the health and safety of your employees. The solution is simply customizable, with rapid deployment, and constructed on a safe and compatible platform. Together, the units provide the end-to-end experience for management, facility managers, staff, as well as health and safety advisers:  

As several areas in UK start to remove their COVID-related limits, Microsoft are continuously seeing a substantial increase in its usage, with over 1,200 customers across more than 50 countries, who have begun to regularly use the solution template.

Utilize Microsoft’s Employee Return to the Workplace app 

Microsoft Power Platform

It is as simple as opening the app from your device and signing in with your company’s Azure Active Directory account. After successfully signing in, you will be able to see all the apps your company shares. You will also be able to view facility statuses, obtain a day pass or simply answer the employee sentiment question. 

This solution provides a chance for Microsoft partners to assist and provide support for their customers with customizations and operation. It presents a groundwork that partners can incorporate and expand to meet individual customer needs, with the solution offered with no further cost. It will provide your staff and customers with the confidence they need to meet in person, if needed as the solution is meant to protect teams and simplify the entire process of coming back to the workplace. 


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