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Ensure your company succeeds with the latest updates from Microsoft Teams

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Not even Microsoft could have predicted just how large Microsoft Teams would grow over these last two years or the vast rise in user figures that the platform has experienced: approx. 44 million in 2020 to 250 million monthly users in 2021. It is not a surprise that a great deal of this growth is due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and the unexpected need for remote working that numerous businesses and organizations have experienced. However, this growth is not purely a result of the pandemic: rivalry from competitors such as Google Meet and Zoom have meant the race is on to become the tool of choice for many businesses, requiring Teams to continuously release new features and updates to satisfy rising user demands and keep up with the competition. 

Here are a few of Team’s latest releases that your business can utilize in order to grow and succeed:


Stay muted and prevent unnecessary background noise whilst in calls, meetings, etc, and then quickly respond when mentioned. Now you can use a shortcut for this by holding down the Ctrl+Space keys (Windows) or Option+Space keys (macOS). When you are ready to go back on mute, just release the keys.

Custom backgrounds for web users
Custom backgrounds for the web are now accessible. Team members can hide their backgrounds or pick from the Microsoft-provided backgrounds during their calls or meetings, making their calls more individual and enjoyable.

Music mode
Music mode allows Microsoft Teams users to encounter deeper sound experiences when sharing content such as songs through apps, or live music during a meeting and allows for better audio quality in Teams calls.

Walkie Talkie app is available for certain Android devices and all iOS mobile devices
Another feature announced was the public accessibility of the Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams, with a devoted push-to-talk button for an extensive range of mobile devices, as well as general accessibility for iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Employees can experience strong, rapid, and reliable communication and work together effortlessly with anyone from their location.

Change between multiple video cameras in Teams Rooms on Windows

During meetings in Teams Rooms that contain more than one video camera, members in the room can switch between cameras. Admins can choose a default camera from the device settings and use it when starting a Teams meeting or call.


Automatic Termination for Teams Meeting Recordings

To support your admin staff to supervise storage easily, Microsoft is launching a new strategy that will routinely send recently created Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to the recycle bin after 60 days. Then the admin staff can adjust the default termination setting in PowerShell. Furthermore, end users have the capability to alter the expiration date on their personal files.

Admin notifications for Custom app submissions
Your admins will be able to allow notifications when the developers present a new application for evaluation and authorization, as well as receive notifications when the developers submit updates.

Latest guest user usability upgrades
A guest user can now decline an impending invite request in the Teams client. This eliminates the listing of the awaiting invitation from the Me Menu, allowing the relevant correct inventory of the guest invites. As a guest, you can also alter the guest user organization list and decide which organisations are seen or hidden whilst revising the list as and when priorities shift.


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