Microsoft Office 365: Goodbye Upload Centre, hello Files Needing Attention

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The Upload Centre is being replaced by the Files Needing Attention experience that will show up inside the Office applications under File Open. This new experience is more modern, integrated, and less intrusive compared to the Upload Centre.


What is the Upload Centre?

The Upload Centre is an application installed with Office where you can find Microsoft cloud files that are saved to your Office cache, including files that did not save to the cloud successfully. The most common reason why cloud files don’t save successfully is when you don’t have internet connectivity.


Where should I go to find files that did not save successfully to the cloud?

You can go to File Open Files Needing Attention to find these files. The new Files Needing Attention section only appears if you have a file that didn’t save successfully to the cloud.

Each app will show files for that specific app only, for example to find a Word file that did not save successfully, you will find them in Word. For Excel files, you’ll find them in Excel, and so forth.

From Files Needing Attention, you can open the file and re-save, or, you can discard the changes completely.


What types of files show up in “Files Needing Attention”?

Files that appear here are files you’ve opened from the Microsoft cloud – OneDrive or SharePoint – that you’re not syncing to the local device. When such a file does not save successfully, for example if you disconnect from the internet after opening the file and subsequently make changes to it, the file will appear under Files Needing Attention.

You can also open the file from the Most Recently Used list under the File menu, click a link to the file, or open it like you normally would.


What versions of Office does this apply to?

The Files Needing Attention experience will be available in the Office 365 Monthly channel first and will be introduced in other versions over time.

Microsoft plan to replace the Upload Centre completely by the end of 2019.


Will I lose any functionality? Will there be any data loss?



What about the Delete Cache option in the Upload Centre?

This option will now be under File Options Save Cache Settings.


Will Admins be able to turn off Files Needing Attention?

Not at this time, no.

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