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We know your organization is constantly seeking digital collaboration tools that enable your teams to do their job efficiently. 

Finding the right tools for this is not easy. As more employees are working from home, remote collaboration is growing worldwide. This means for teams that now spend a sizeable portion of their time working remotely, such tools effectively become their workspace. These digital workspaces must create an environment that fosters growth, productivity, collaboration among team members, and integration with existing applications. 

Microsoft Teams is one of these tools. Understanding it will unlock the hidden potential hiding within your business. 

Microsoft Teams provide a single touchpoint for your entire organization to meet, chat and collaborate efficiently. As Team’s ability to communicate, collaborate, customize, extend, and keep your data secure, is fast becoming ‘the way to get things done’ it is by far, the best option for companies willing to take the next step in digital workplace transformation.  

One example of thisespecially in today’s remote workplace are the many apps that demand your employees’ attention. Apps like email, chat, file management, and data analysis are all great productivity enablers, but having all these options can make the daily work dynamic feel chaotic. Companies today need a single solution for every worker—from the CEO to the first-line staff. To ensure that the entire organization is connected and easily accessible, these collaboration tools need to be as effective for C-level executives as they are for somebody on a factory floor, in a retail shop, a classroom, a hospital, in a marketing role, etc. At the same time, they must adapt to each department’s unique needs and provide solutions that are tailor-made for them.  

Microsoft Teams is the best option for this, providing your organisation with instant, secure access to business-critical data, applications, communication, and the ability to execute repeatable processes efficiently, even when working from home. Your organization will also have a great tool for onboarding, training, or simply empowering your salesforce with relevant insights as to why Teams is the right solution for your employees all whilst keeping people connected, productive, and thriving.  

How? Well because on the Teams platform, you can integrate existing applications and processes or build new applications to drive productivity and meet each specific need. This can be done one of three ways: 1) ready-made apps provide off-the-shelf access to useful features and product integrations, 2) low-code tools from the Microsoft Power Platform allow you to quickly build customised workflows, applications, and bots, and 3) custom applications and integrations help you integrate line-of-business applications with Teams – or develop custom solutions. So not only will Teams far create a better environment for chat, collaboration, meeting, and calling, it will also be the central tool for business productivity, from the start of the day to the end.   

Microsoft Teams grows team enablement across the globe, just take a look at these statistics:  

  • 115 million team users every day 
  • 1000% increase in video on calls 
  • 200% increase in weekly meeting minutes 

It’s true, Microsoft Teams IS the hub for teamwork. 

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