Goodbye to Skype for Business Online: Retiring July 31st, 2021

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As Skype for Business Online approaches retirement, we should all take some time to understand and realize the efforts companies are making to ensure they have finalized their move to Teams before the end date of July 31, 2021. This includes the companies who have already advanced to Teams. 

As for Teams, its implementation and management continue to expand, as businesses are demanding advanced ways to securely link with their clients, partners, and staff. This has occurred due to the massive surge in remote working, as usual, in-person meetings are now unfeasible or impractical and are being swapped for virtual calls, catch-ups, and meetings. 

Skype for Business Departure plan 

As mentioned, Skype for Business Online will end on July 31, 2021. After then, the service will not be available. However, between now and the end of July, existing Skype for Business Online customers will see no difference in the service and will be able to carry on and add new users if required.  

We can all agree that Skype for Business Online has been a crucial tool for connection that has been utilized by millions of corporations across the world. When customers encounter the way Teams brings people together to chat or for meetings, they will recognize the incredible ability it has to collaborate effortlessly and streamline work in the most reliable and compatible way. 

Some of the other detail’s worth knowing about Skype for Business Online service and its departure: 

  • Services that combine or incorporate with Skype for Business Online will not be maintained beyond the July 31st departure. 
  • Customers will not be capable of transferring online users out of Teams Only mode after this date. 
  • Collaboration modes allow customers to use Skype for Business Server/Teams side-by-side experiences until they are prepared to transfer users to Teams Only. 

Microsoft supporting Advancements to Teams

Companies that have not yet upgraded to Teams Only will be part of Microsoft’s assisted upgrades to Teams, aiding with the last-minute technological aspects of the switch. Scheduling notices have been sent to tenant admins inside the Microsoft 365 Message Centre and to the Teams admin centre 3 months before the date of the assisted development. Clients/customers may continue to upgrade themselves before the supported upgrade date. This will help to manage and monitor the planning of their upgrade experience. 

 Microsoft assisted upgrades include help such as: 

  • Instructor-led Training, guidance, and workshops for a successful upgrade 
  • Planning workshops for managers, leads and IT on executing the upgrade to Teams
  • Partner support and FastTrack  

Strategize now for victory in the future 

Congratulations if you are already on your way to upgrading to Microsoft Teams! 

Every company has its own individual technical environment, application and processes that may reduce or lengthen the journey to “Teams Only”. By thinking ahead and creating a complete transformation plan, your company will be able to deal with the unexpected just as well as it does with the expected.  

If you have any questions on this or on any other technological advancement you may be making to your company, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can help you and your business become digitally advanced.  


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