In the ever-shifting corporate landscape of today, the need for a company to instantly adjust and react to change is essential. This means enabling your employees to be as useful and practical as they can be, streamlining and automating practices whilst upholding the safety and fulfilment of your company and its staff. Microsoft 365 has a set of tools and services that will allow your business and employees to work as efficiently as possible.

Every business strives to boost growth, lower costs, and offer a superior service to its clients. Microsoft 365 allows companies the capability to simplify and achieve business goals by utilizing tools such as Workplace Analytics. Simultaneously there is also the need to enhance and preserve safety whilst guaranteeing compliance guidelines are met and any risk to confidentiality is cut.

With Microsoft 365 you can meet your goals through:

  • Streamlined administration
  • Business development automation
  • Forms and workflow
  • Business intelligence
  • Work organization

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft offers the project management means, Microsoft Planner to support you in supervising and controlling projects and the teams operating them.

Planner lets you coordinate the activities in each project, beginning with the complete plan, then allocating tasks to groups, known as buckets. Each task can be designated name or label, and then allocated to an individual team member with a deadline. Microsoft Planner utilizes Microsoft 365 Groups by giving each project team member access to the plan and designated tasks. Members of the team can work together on the project and will then receive updates of any changes.

Planner delivers a straightforward and visual way for teams to coordinate their work. Clients can use Planner to set up projects, coordinate and allocate tasks, and work together. Planner offers various collaborative experiences, including a charts page, a schedule view, task board as well as additions throughout the Microsoft 365 collection of apps, tools, and services.

Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups is a provision that works alongside the Microsoft 365 tools you already utilize so you can work together with your colleagues when designing spreadsheets, creating documents, working on projects, sending emails, or organizing meetings.

Team collaboration

Groups in Microsoft 365 allow you to select a group of people that you want to work together with and simply set up a set of assets for those individuals to share. Sources include a shared calendar, shared Outlook inbox, or a document library for collaborating on documents.

Group permissions

You don’t need to physically designate permissions to all those assets as adding members to the group automatically offers them the approvals they need to the tools already supplied in the group.

Form groups

You can generate Microsoft 365 Groups from a variety of tools, including Outlook, Planner, Teams, SharePoint, and more. The tool you decide to begin with depends slightly on the type of group you’re working with.


Discover the productivity advantages of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 utilizes the power of the cloud to encourage people and companies to harness their productivity in order to accomplish more. Remain engaged with fewer interruptions and simply retrieve the information you need without dropping the stream of your work.

Allow teamwork and streamline workflow: Work together, call, meet and link business applications all in one place with Microsoft Teams.

Remain efficient whilst on the go: Simply switch from computer to mobile devices with advanced and effective mobile apps.

Accomplish more with AI-enabled tools: Improve search function and get customized support with built-in intelligence elements.

If you are interested in switching to a quicker, superior work productivity toolset and start experiencing innovation by learning and deploying Microsoft 365, then get in touch with us today and see how we at Business Cloud Integration can help your business not only accomplish extra but also heighten employee engagement, ensuring both your business and your staff are as productive as they can be!

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