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How data and the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform can help you achieve digital transformation

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Fundamental to any digital transformation approach is data. However, many companies face a battle to not only understand and recognize the data they have but also how to pull insights and govern it. Those businesses that have welcomed and adopted their data, seeing it as a tactical advantage to their business have been in a better place to grow and achieve.

Helping this is the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. This platform encourages companies to devote more of their resources to building value instead of incorporating and overseeing their data development. The platform combines the best solutions across Microsoft’s technology collection and allows businesses to obtain live insights alongside their business’s data governance so that the company can run safely.

Additional protection and analytics elements for the Azure data portfolio

Included in the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform are all features currently available as well as the latest products and features. These include Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights, Datamart in Power BI, SQL Server 2022, and Azure Synapse Link for SQL:

  • Purview Data Estate Insights is an app that offers tactical leaders such as Chief Data Officers an overview of their data and any threats or issues connected to that data. It offers an understanding of inventory, curation, and governance found from automatically created reports that can be easily distributed to stakeholders.
  • Datamart in Power BI enables data experts the ability to gain access to stronger insights from their data sets by means of data marts. Datamarts are self-service logical solutions created to improve the gap between users of the business via a straightforward and if they choose, no-code experience. Datamarts allow users to simply absorb and formulate data, oversee, and manage data, as well as the ability to create and distribute reports.
  • Currently, in preview, the SQL Server 2022 is the most protected database of the last ten years. Its current incorporation with Microsoft Purview and Azure Synapse Link grants much deeper governance and insights plus it also comes with brand-new features such as Azure Active Directory authentication and Query Store hints.
  • Also currently in preview, Azure Synapse Link for SQL presents live analytics for the data kept in Azure SQL and in Azure Synapse Analytics. This is an automatic system that grants data replication from transactional archives to a given SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics. It also includes almost real-time analytics, no-code, or low-code solutions for duplicating data.

Everyday apps for companies through live data

By using the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, those businesses with supply chains can use it to gain live data on any current inventory, instead of just a daily or weekly report. Additionally, it can also be used to obtain any AI-driven insights centred on things like shipping delays, etc that calculate how many units may be accessible in a certain time period. For those companies with client-facing solutions, the platform leverages the CosmosDB platform, presenting clients with suggestions for the best product based on their needs. Furthermore, users will get access to support through Power Virtual Agents and conversational AI, offering clients the option for smart updates on any information they might need instantly.

Is your company interested in building value and learning more about how and why the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform can help you do this? Then get in touch with us at Business Cloud Integration and see how working with a trusted and reliable advisor can put your business in a better place to grow and achieve.

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