IChemE: The Institution of Chemical Engineers

“Modernizing Collaboration and Document management for membership organizations to be more efficient and productive, as well as compliance with GDPR and ISO guidelines.”


In 2018, the Board of Trustees approved a significant investment programme to ensure its business platforms and solutions were equipped to support the delivery of their strategy for the next 4 years and beyond.

As part of a transformation programme, IChemE identified the need to consolidate its overall architecture, focusing on Cloud products and adopting a Microsoft first approach. Following the implementation of Office 365, IChemE realized that more work was needed to leverage the inherent benefits O365 and OneDrive would bring and embedded collaborative working.


Business Cloud Integration built a document management solution that would improve information governance and security; enable the decommissioning of local drives; reduce overall business risk whilst improving efficiency and to support IChemE with their internal and external team collaboration.

We delivered the document management solution in 3 individual phases, each phase aimed at a different section of document management.

Phase 1: Intranet – Centralisation

The first action was to get IChemE’s content off their local Network drive and into the cloud. This was achieved by utilising their SharePoint environment to build an Intranet, using already agreed upon designs by the project team and discussions with every department. The Intranet consisted of the Hub, Department sites, and private Team sites, which staff were given access to prior to migration to familiarise themselves with this new working environment. After planning with each department on what content they would like to migrate, and what content would be archived on the Network drive, we created a migration plan for each department that would be used alongside Casper365 Migrations, our in-house migration tool to migrate their content from their Network drive into the desired location. Once migrated, staff could then return to their normal day, by utilising their new SharePoint environment and all its features, including version control, Office Collaboration, Office Online, and managed metadata.

Phase 2: Teams – Collaboration

Each department at IChemE needed the ability to collaborate with others daily on documents and other work-related matters. As IChemE were already using Skype for Business, it was the perfect opportunity to implement Microsoft Teams to drive their cloud adoption and provide the best collaboration platform available. As each Team already had an Office 365 group and a private Team site, setting up the Teams for each department came naturally. The training was then provided to the departments through online webinars presented by us, and the materials provided for future learning.

Phase 3: External Sharing – External management

IChemE hosts thousands of external users, also known as ‘Members’ of IChemE. These members work with IChemE on several projects from events to awards, to boards and committees, and are all required to receive information from IChemE and collaborate on content. Each group had their own process, but little method of tracking and auditing, so utilising their SharePoint environment, templates were created based off each departments requirements to interact with external users. These templates were then made available through Casper365, our own cloud-based site provisioning tool for Office 365, which allows us to redeploy these templates at any time without the normal SharePoint setup, saving time and administration. This functionality was then demonstrated to IChemE I.T, and access provided for them to handle their own deployments. Staff at IChemE can request an external sharing site at any time using the External site requests Power App, developed for IChemE to ask the requestee questions to help automate the decision on which of the templates to use. Once filled in, this information is sent to I.T, who can accept/reject the request, and deploy the site for the user through Casper365.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers is a global professional engineering institution with over 35,000 members in over 100 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1922 and awarded a Royal Charter in 1957. 


Quick and effective collaborative working

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved business performance
  • Integration
  • Easier to find information, process automation
  • Improved cross-organisational visibility
  • Single location
  • Unlocking intellectual capital
  • Streamlined operations
  • Enabled efficient internal & external collaboration
  • No reliance on developers to publish content
  • Increased engagement from an internal comms point of view.


  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Office 365


  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint and Office 365 Implementation
  • SharePoint Infrastructure Planning
  • SharePoint Training
  • SharePoint Support
  • Office 365 Training
  • Office 365 Support