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Throughout the last turbulent 18 months, the Modern Workplace has stood as the foundation of remote work, unhindered communication, and effortless partnership. No matter the outcome going forward and what the next couple of years may bring, there is one certainty: this modern way of working is not going anywhere – and it’s extremely clear to see why. The post-pandemic strategy for a modern working environment is one that advocates efficiency, safety, and flexibility while connecting the functioning needs of your business with those of the workforce. 

Work is now, no longer seen as just somewhere to go to, but instead a thing you do, regardless of if it’s from the comfort of your own home, in the office, a café or even a different country. Adopting the modern Workplace is now crucial as employees are now much more likely to want and need the independence that allows them to devote more of their work time involved in joint and immediate tasks from any location, irrespective of if it’s calls, meetings, or emails. 

A Microsoft Modern Workplace leverages the newest Microsoft suite of tools to simplify and drive key business processes including Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S). This basis of modern working offers business owners the means to move and stabilize their business while accustoming to the reality that many companies are reducing their physical location. 

Companies that are correcting their technology and using it accurately are not only realising the benefits of a connected, inventive, and valuable workforce, they are being rewarded for it as well. Those that aren’t, are trailing behind the competition. In fact, 75% of employees say their companies don’t give them access to the newest technology and therefore can’t do their jobs effectively. 

The modern workplace can resolve this: 

Lower safety threats 

Microsoft 365 Business includes all the safety features of Windows 10 Pro – as well as Windows Defender Management controls, which permits clients to handle and oversee their defence devices in one product. This gives clients peace of mind by utilizing a dependable set of safety settings for their company’s data. 

Safeguard data and devices 

Microsoft 365 is developed with business-grade protection in mind, but at a cost that your clients can afford. Every user will automatically obtain all the newest safety updates from Office 365 and Windows 10, guaranteeing their business information is secure across any device, against any and all new risks.  

Remain productive on the go 

For clients with remote employees, their workers require collective working – even on the go. SharePoint team sites offers a set of tools vital for collective working, including (via Outlook) a shared inbox and calendar as well as a planner for task organization. Using this feature in Microsoft 365, your clients and your company can efficiently operate a successful operation, no matter their location. 

Continue to be connected, even offline 

Microsoft 365 will allow your client’s teams to stay up to date and creative whilst on the move, on any device and will even be able to automatically sync with their laptop after working offline. 

Synchronize files automatically 

Working on the move requires the capability to work across various devices whilst still being able to go about day-to-day life such as travelling, attending appointments, or working from home. That’s why, if your company utilises OneDrive, your files stay synchronized and your staff will have access to the newest edition of every file, no matter their location. 

If you are interested in providing modern workplace outcomes and solutions for both your clients and your company, then get in touch with us today and see how, by using us as your reliable guide, you can successfully execute a modern workplace, become a trusted source for your own clients and eclipse any competition.  


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