Introducing Microsoft Power Apps

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Microsoft Power Apps is a low code app development platform that is perfect for small and medium organisations. It will inspire your company to build mobile apps that address any challenges you currently face.

With this platforms’ instinctive low code resources, your company will be able to build advanced apps quickly and efficiently, whilst saving money and time, helping you to work through your development backlog at pace.

PowerAppsMicrosoft Power Apps can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical ability to help turn your employees’ smart ideas into problem solving apps.

With Microsoft Power Apps you can:

  • Produce custom apps effortlessly. Small/medium sized organizations need custom software that is uncomplicated and straightforward to use. However, creating these custom apps normally requires experienced specialists who will cost you money and time. On the other hand, Power Apps give you the means to create those custom apps yourself and therefore resolve any company issues immediately.
  • Empower your IT team to develop apps with no constraints. You can use templates, drag and drop or a custom code to create flawless, mission vital mobile/web apps.

You will also be able to empty your backlog by systematizing elements of the usual app development sequence.

  • Construct your custom apps in hours, not months, connecting to your current information and systems to resolve any problems quickly and proficiently. Plus using out of the box rules and reasoning means they can be fully customizable to your company’s individual requirements.

You will also be able to Automate and streamline tedious or time-consuming activities which means you will be able to launch sooner whilst reducing faults across the whole company.


Power Apps will greatly decrease the time & cost associated with creating web and mobile app, allowing you to move quickly through your backlog.

  • Be a part of a platform with no boundaries. Your organization can evolve at scale without surrendering security, control, or value—regardless of how many apps you are generating.

With Power Apps you will also control enterprise-grade managerial and governance features with one central view of all the apps, whilst saving time and effort by having a completely controlled data platform which will scale faster and reduce any future upkeep that may be required.

Business Cloud Integration is Microsoft Power Apps Partners, we use PowerApps and Flow to benefit our clients every day, so get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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