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Microsoft has launched the new Microsoft Editor in Word, designed to help you with grammar, spelling and clarity pains. Editor has been added to Word and Outlook apps and is currently available as a browser extension for Edge and Chrome.

This Editor is an AI-powered service that checks your work for over 65 grammar issues and refinements in over 20 languages, checking for spelling mistakes in 89 different languages.

To select the grammar and refinement options you wish to use open Word, select the File tab in the ribbon, select Options, then select Proofing on the left-hand-side menu. This will take you to the below screen and here you can configure your options to suit your requirements.

Once you have configured these click on the Settings button next to Writing StyleGrammar & Refinements and select or deselect the options from the below Grammar Settings dialog box.

Now you have selected and refined your grammar settings you can switch the Editor on by selecting the Home tab in the top ribbon, see below.

The Editor will start running immediately and will tell you how many potential errors you have in each category, if there are no issues a green check will indicate this. You will be provided with an editor score with a top end overview and then you can drill down into the specific areas, see below.

Microsoft is continually adding new features to Word so you could have more features, or they might look slightly different from the above. These features will strengthen your spelling and grammar helping you to bring out your best writer!

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