Microsoft Teams usage jumps from 44M to 75M daily active users in just over a month!

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place. Recently, CEO Satya Nadella revealed in an investor call In April, we saw more than 200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants in a single day, generating more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes. Also, Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users, and two-thirds of them have shared, collaborated, or interacted with files on Teams as well”- CEO Satya Nadella  

During the coronavirus pandemic, many organisations made the switch to remote working and learning. This is where Microsoft Teams can play a big part. In a world of remote everything, Teams helpto keep people connected and collaborate efficiently. Though there are several large organisations with many thousands of users who have yet to deploy Microsoft Teams, many are realising that now is the time to get it out and have not looked back since. 

Alongside the changes that have come with the move to remote workingfostering, and maintaining team morale is one of the most important. Teams again has proven to be vital to this as there are many things you can do within it to keep people feeling positive and engaged.   

Get started with Microsoft Teams  

Take the first step in understanding the improvements you can make to your business and contact the professionals at Business Cloud Integration Ltd. We can help you identify inefficient processes that detract from employee productivity and adopt the right modern workplace solutions to make your business the best it can be.

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Welcome to the new way of working from home! Numerous businesses are already reporting the efficiency of this new way of working and have said they will not be returning to their old practices now they have discovered the #Modernworkplace. 
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