Microsoft Teams’ integration with Dynamic 365 and the latest updates to help you modernise your business

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As summer sails by and autumn creeps ever closer, it’s time for another month of the latest Microsoft Teams updates. This month the focus is on how the latest updates and improvements can make meetings more collaborative, allowing everyone on the team to join together, in their own language.


Team Meetings: Microsoft Forms improvements

Microsoft Teams’ close relationship with Microsoft Forms is now stronger than ever. This is never more apparent than with the number of exciting innovative features and upgrades to current features within Teams meeting polls. These include:

  • Swapping the “Forms” app with a new app named “Polls,” allows users a simpler way to locate and add polls to meetings and chats.
  • Users will now be able to see a list of their newly designed polls allowing users to re-use any previous polls set up in new meetings, saving a lot of time.
  • A brand-new poll animation that occurs after people have registered a response, offering a vibrant verification that their votes have been effectively submitted.
  • A new poll question type, Rating, which offers users the option to give feedback by ranking on the scaled symbols.
  • An enhanced poll result view allows a much better insightful and simple-to-read experience, including enhancements such as colour indication and active results.

Phone and Calling

Deleting a call from history
Users can simplify their view with a capability that allows them to hide calls from their call history list on Teams.

Call recording message played in the users default language
Call recording messages can now be played in the user’s language for Teams calls. Both sides will hear the message in the same language and at the same time.


Microsoft Teams panels: Check Out
By applying the new Manage button on the Teams panel, the booked Teams Room can be checked out of directly from the panel. This compatibility closes the room reservation and sends it back to the room catalogue.

Lengthen room reservations in the Microsoft Teams panels
Additionally, a Teams Rooms reservation can be lengthened straight from the panel through the Manage button. This can only be offered if the room is free throughout the time needed.

Peripherals: On/off feature for Camera
Any Teams-licensed peripheral device that maintains the camera on/off feature will now offer each user a more effective way to turn on or off their personal video in meetings and calls. Users will be able to simply control their video with the click of a button rather than messing around with a keypad or mouse.

Chat and Collaboration

LinkedIn integration
By making use of another of Microsoft Teams’ latest integrations, LinkedIn profiles, users can really get to know their colleagues, join with them directly and further develop strong and rich connections.

Automatic categories now offered for channel posts

When constructing a message in a team channel, users can now notify multiple owners by stating @Team Owners, eliminating the need to mention owners separately.

 Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the joining together of a collection of thorough and smart business applications and thus, it’s the connection that makes it feasible for companies to operate their business in the best way possible, all while producing fantastic results.

By inserting Microsoft Teams chat into Dynamics 365, Microsoft creates smooth cooperation and quickens the efficiency over all settings. Dynamic users can now utilize all the rich capabilities of Teams in chat, from strong text editing, sharing files, and employing emojis while posting, checking, or removing messages.

Additionally, now, IT admins can set up the capability so users can begin or enter linked chats at a record-style level. This capability can be used to better tailor the user experience for company procedures, for example, effortlessly discover account information, shift a lead, or offer full account context to a brand-new user.

Dynamics 365 users can:

  • Begin a linked Teams chat in Dynamics 365
  • Attach an existing chat or channel from a record
  • View all related chats associated with a customer record within Dynamics 365

This feature will be available in September.

Employ the integrated Microsoft Teams, or any of the latest updates to make your meetings more collaborative, allowing everyone on the team to join together and join the businesses interested in updating and advancing their company. Get in touch with us today and see why using a reliable, trustworthy, and highly regarded Microsoft consultant will help your business and its staff on the journey to digital renovation.

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