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Microsoft Teams: Uncover all the latest features and updates

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Another month means more editions and brand-new updates for Microsoft Teams!

Teams brings together all the parts needed to connect and cooperate effectively, and these latest updates continue to focus on the new opportunities needed for the latest, innovative hybrid working environment. Chats, meetings, and collective experiences now must be as comprehensive and linked as possible. The focus this month is on meetings and the “co-organiser role” as well as the latest, improved language transcription and meeting invites that enable and allow more users to feel as comfortable as possible joining and taking part in these gatherings.

Below are some of the great new releases that Teams has to offer:


Meeting Co-organiser Role 
Now those organising and leading the meeting can share the role by appointing up to ten attendees to the latest “co-organiser” role. These Co-organisers will have the majority of the abilities the organizer has which include managing the Meeting Options. The limits of the role however include the incapability to build breakout rooms and oversee meeting recordings. Please note, that only guests in the same tenant as the meeting organiser are authorised for this role.

Teams meetings on the web: Live Captions and transcripts
Live captions and transcripts are now available for web users in twenty-seven languages.

Android and iOS usability enhancements for notifications in meetings
Microsoft has put in a notification drawer; users will see this at the top of their screen. They will be able to review, collapse, and clear out all notifications with just one click.

Chat & Collaboration

Microsoft Teams chat inserted into Dynamics 365
By inserting Teams chat into Dynamics 365, users can now easily share ideas and work together directly. Users will be able to connect current or new chats to their Dynamics 365 records, for all participants to access easily.

Open and correct PDF files in Teams
Users will be able to review and manage Adobe Acrobat PDF files in Teams, eliminating the need to open other windows.

Power Platform & custom development

Incorporated SharePoint Lists approvals
List users can now produce and oversee straightforward approval requests directly from integrated SharePoint Lists.

Control meeting options
Coordinators can alter or adjust the user experience by utilizing new Meeting Options choices to modify and personalise their meeting security settings.

Attendee control in chat to remove other attendee/s
The meeting organiser is the only one who can remove an attendee from chat.

On the web: Large Gallery Teams Meetings
Web users can adjust the layout of Teams meeting to the Large Gallery option. By employing Large Gallery, users will be able to see up to forty-nine members on one screen, improving the whole virtual meeting experience.

On the web: Together Mode in Teams Meetings
Web users can adjust the layout of Teams meeting to the Together mode option. In Together mode, members are digitally positioned in a shared background, making it seem that all participants are in the same room, even if members are remote.

Assistance in Transcripts for Teams on VDI for Azure Virtual Desktop
Transcripts will now be accessible on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for users of Azure Virtual Desktop. Live transcripts enable users including those who are deaf/hearing impaired to follow the discussion live alongside the meeting video or audio, therefore advocating inclusivity. Once the meeting has concluded, the transcript is automatically saved in the chat tab of that meeting. Those who might have missed the meeting or joined late can simply catch up on the conversation by reading the transcript.

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