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In Autumn 2019, Microsoft introduced its Power Platform, signifying that Microsoft, at long last, had its own cloud computing product suite. The Microsoft Power Platform consisting of Power Automate, Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Virtual Agents helps to fast-track your company and revolutionise the way it works.

Digitally remodelling companies is such a hot subject right now. This is an approach thatminspires and pushes organizations to implement the latest technologies in order to offer improved value and involvement for their clientele. This innovative makeover goes beyond the conventional customer engagement means such as marketing and ads. This new digital development also incorporates the cultural processes, experiences and technologies that together recognize the value of companies and of finding the right clients at the right time.


PowerApps enables you to develop business apps that are device and operating system agnostic without the demand for costly custom coding. They can operate as committed mobile apps on a phone or a tablet, or in a browser. The aim is to enhance the flexibility of your company by supporting crucial processes on devices, permitting users to execute crucial tasks like tracking hours, approving invoices, even onboarding new starters no matter their location or what device they are currently using.

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate gives creative logic to apps designed in PowerApps. Like PowerApps, Power Automate is created to develop automation through the control of Robotic Process Automation and allows users to create an intricate, automated company and process workflows, which are initiated by the understandings and insights from Power BI.

The high-efficiency method of Power Apps and Power Automate is changing how SMB clients report and explain business challenges. Leveraging these tools, your company’s clients will be inspired to:

  • Accomplish their modernization objectives faster.
  • Design skilled, custom apps.
  • Simplify and automate business procedures.
  • Provide business suppleness and reduce the time to market.

Plus, the benefit of Power Apps is that you don’t need to have any coding ability at all. They’re easy to build and can cost 74% less to create than the old conventional apps.

The latest add-on to the Power Platform, Power Virtual Agents empowers users to develop their own virtual agents (chatbots) utilizing a targeted, no-code graphical interface and without the need for guidance from experts. Users can also incorporate Power Virtual Agents into any of their current systems using already developed connectors or by using custom Power Automate workflows for a more shared experience.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based company analytics solution constructed to help businesses turn separate resources of information into consistent, visually captivating, and collaborative understandings. Utilizing Power BI, users can draw information from several sources and employ it to produce straightforward data ideas that will allow for a 360-degree view of company processes.

Microsoft Teams along with the Power Platform are re-inventing the game

Microsoft Teams is bettering the future of work. Besides the vital video and chat facilities, Teams also operates as a platform for organising business procedures. Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code development platform that includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents—all available completely in Teams.

Jointly, Teams and Power Platform support companies to simplify procedures and enhance staff teamwork, commitment, and efficiency.

The Microsoft Power Platform (separate tools or all-together) can be utilized across any trade, any application group, or even home-grown corporate facilities as well. If your company is a Microsoft Dynamics Suite of Products customer, the Power Platform can be securely combined with superior out-of-the-box functionality to help assemble and automate each development step of your business procedures.

Business Cloud Integration is a highly regarded, certified Microsoft partner with vast experience using the Power Platform and many of the other intuitive Microsoft tools. We specialize in providing affordable digital transformation services that help engage your customers, enable your business, and accelerate your results. Get in touch with us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and see how we can help revolutionise your business.


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