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Usually held in the autumn, this year’s Microsoft’s Ignite conference instead took place on March 2nd – 4th as they were eager to update developers and other technology followers on the latest exciting announcements regarding the Power Platform.  

These revelations ranged from security improvements to developments in governance and reporting, revealing Microsoft’s latest ventures in its platform allows workers without coding and data science experience to perform tasks such as automation, data analysis, development of solutions, and creation of chatbots. This included the exciting announcement around the Power Platforms new language update for Power Fx. Although Power FX has been around for a while, these recent changes mean it will be easily accessible for those with little or no programming experience. Based on Microsoft Excel’s formulas, Power Fx is the open-source, low code language that communicates the reasoning across the Microsoft Power Platform and now is ready to become the constant language across, not only the platform but also Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and beyond. 

This fun-filled 2-day virtual event included the following thrilling announcements: 

  • Microsoft Mesh – A brand new platform built on Microsoft Azure, which allows developers to build multiuser and cross-platform integrated reality apps. Microsoft Mesh lets users connect with presence and collaborate as if they were there in person, no matter their location. Customers can use Mesh to improve virtual meetings, oversee virtual design sessions and host virtual social get-togethers. 

Click the link if you are interested in finding out more: 

Or perhaps you would like a hands-on tour with Mesh’s co-creator Simon Skaria to see how it really works:  

  • Microsoft Viva – Hailed as ‘’the first employee experience platform built for the digital era’’, Viva provides an advanced and contemporary tool designed to increase connections, engagement, and expertise within your organization. It is an employee experience platform that has been created to make work processes smoother and more effective, therefore encouraging employee connection and enhancing their well-being. It also creates a use for the rapidly expanding AI technologies like cognitive searchwhich bring the relevant data to those across your organization whenever it’s needed. This will result in a work environment that places its people first and in doing so, drives greater business results. 

Check out this video Introducing Microsoft Viva:  

  • Microsoft Tunnel – Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s new features was another highlight from the event, which included showcasing Microsoft Tunnel. This VPN gateway is a remote access service that facilitates iOS and Android devices to connect to on-premises resources and apps through Microsoft Intune.  

Click on the link to delve into What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager:  

If these have whetted your appetite for more Microsoft updates and developments, then here is Reza Dorrani giving an overview of all the Power Platform Announcements made 

Of course, you can also check out the full event here: 

  1. Microsoft Ignite 2021 Live Stream  
  2. Microsoft Ignite 2021 Live Stream Day 2  
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