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OneDrive’s 15th Anniversary!

By 17th August 2022 No Comments

August is an important month for OneDrive as it celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. Microsoft have made it a continuing goal of theirs to develop OneDrive in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, no matter their location.

OneDrive can help its users by making their work or school life simpler and Microsoft are excited to continue on their mission to bring their customers the latest and upgraded features in order to ensure work and school life is as easy and straightforward as possible.

The ways in which they can do this include:

  • Making sure all users’ documents are constantly available on their OneDrive, even documents that have been shared with them. These documents can be saved and accessed from any device or location and include files from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Through OneDrive’s default settings, users’ files are available to others only when the individual makes the decision to share them. When this choice has been made, they can set the document’s permissions and then control how others might access it. Users also have the option to set access controls and an expiration timeline.
  • Users and those who have been given access to the document can simultaneously edit it, no matter their device or location. Changes can be tracked, and others mentioned so everyone is kept up to date.
  • Access to files from SharePoint and Teams is available from within OneDrive. Users can also employ the library dropdown option to shift between various file libraries from both Teams and SharePoint so there is no need to switch contexts if they are working on different projects.
  • If users are working on personal and work-related documents on separate accounts, they can switch simply between the two, without the need to close down and open up new tabs or search for what they need.
  • By utilising the OneDrive mobile app, users can develop, edit, view, and share files on the go. They can access their content through Android or iOS from anywhere.
  • Users can edit or change photos directly from OneDrive. They can adjust the lighting, crop, or even make a note on the photos so others can edit. This is accessible for all accounts, regardless of if it’s related to their personal or work life.
  • Even large documents and videos can be uploaded and edited. Users can upload doc sizes up to 250GB in OneDrive with more than 320+ rich file previewers. 

  • Safeguard private or exclusive data with the latest encryption and compliance features. One Drive will also allow its users to recover any data lost and lower the likelihood of the loss of work in the instance where they are victims of cyber-attacks or have lost their device.
  • Use OneDrive to back up important folders and ensure they are protected on any device. Users employing a personal OneDrive can also protect these folders with no added cost!
  • A central and integrated control point to access content across a user’s whole company, where all data can be managed – external sharing, storage limits, retention policies, etc, on a business-wide level.
  • Personal user documents can get an added protection feature by utilising the personal vault. This allows them to safeguard personal and confidential photos and documents such as passports, photos, etc.
  • Users can distribute photos and docs with family and friends with one simple click and can also create private groups where they can share this select content.  

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