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Power Pages – The latest product from the Power Platform Family

By 9th June 2022 No Comments

Microsoft has announced the preview of the fifth product in the Power Platform set: Microsoft Power Pages.

Microsoft Power Pages is a dependable, low-code SaaS (software as a service) platform for designing, presenting, and managing contemporary outward-facing websites for your business. It does not matter if you are a qualified developer or a low-code creator, Power Pages empowers you and your company to quickly create, construct, and distribute websites that effortlessly run over any device or web browser.

Power Pages offers powerful, custom templates and a brand new, unified learning hub to effortlessly build sites that cater to your company’s individual requirements.

With Power Pages, see how users can create sites by utilizing the same shared company data saved in Microsoft Dataverse that is employed for creating apps, workflows, and reports with other Microsoft Power Platform parts used in your organization.

Power Pages and Power Apps portals

Created from the basis of Power Apps portals, Power Pages offers the same strong capabilities and professional experiences alongside a modern low-code creator experience and out-of-the-box templates needed to create innovative company sites.

For many years, Power Apps portals have presented their users with an end-to-end capability that allows them to build exterior portals instantly and then individualise them with layouts, pages, and content. As an individual product, Power Pages enables all, irrespective of professional background, an efficient platform to produce data-powered, contemporary, and safe websites.

Furthermore, Power Pages expands beyond portals’ previous abilities in order to support companies, no matter their size in safely creating websites with up-to-date visual features and innovative abilities that can be customised to fit individual requirements.

Here are some of the available features and resources included in the preview:

  • The Design Studio. Easily create, shape, organize, and distribute innovative company websites.
  • The Templates Hub. Introduce complete websites including demo data, kickstarting your planning, registering, application submission, etc.
  • Utilize the Learn Hub and discover tutorials and guides that will help you discover how to develop websites, operate code components, and construct sites.
  • Use Microsoft Dataverse, an intelligent and safe low-code data platform to safely collect and distribute company information to visiting site users. Power Pages operates on Microsoft Azure and links with Dataverse in order to deliver vital protection capabilities.
  • Apply Visual Studio Code in Power Pages to code innovative capabilities employing JavaScript, web APIs, and more. Using these tools, skilled developers can safely work alongside any core business data.

It is often thought that low-code web development is only valuable for simple projects like highlighting a site to raise the business’s profile but with Power Pages, you can achieve much more such as helping company-wide, professional solutions including:

  • Community services
  • Customer self-service
  • Partner support

Check out the free trial of Power Pages from Microsoft here and see how Power Pages can add value to your company.

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