Protect hybrid working with the latest Windows 11 safety measures  

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As technology advances so do computer attackers, evolving to become cleverer and more dangerous. Microsoft continuously tracks several ransomware threats and attackers, merging machine and human intellect with built-in AI to learn from previous threats, and has even placed a devoted team with the sole focus of stopping any threats before they reach users. Microsoft is focused on providing higher security with each new Windows release. This includes the latest release of safety measures including:

Application Management

Microsoft wanted to make sure all users had the flexibility to select whichever app they want whilst still regaining strong safety measures.

Smart App Control, one of the latest features created for SMBs and individuals is designed to help stop attacks and shield users from running any unknown apps that may be connected to malware. It is designed to create an AI model that utilises intelligence in order to calculate if an app is reliable. App control is an extremely effective tactic to safeguard against malware but is sometimes difficult to deploy. Windows 11 make use of the power of AI to create and run a constantly updated app control policy allowing trusted safe apps to run whilst preventing and guarding those unknown ones that may be some form of malware.

Defenceless driver security

Ransomware attacks are progressively pursuing drivers in order to restrict protection agents, manipulate any weaknesses, and compromise systems. Window 11 uses virtualization-based security (VBS) for enhanced kernel protection against potential threats.

  • Another important safety measure focused on opposing innovative, constant threats and ransomware incidents is the Microsoft vulnerable driver block list. Starting with the 2022 Update, this block policy is now on by default and users can choose to implement the policy from within the Windows Security app.

Superior identity safeguarding and easy password management

Users can utilise Windows 11 to guard their important data and ensure any and all hybrid work is protected now and in the future with these latest innovative safety measures.

These include:

  • Enabled by default in Windows 11 Enterprise is the Windows Defender Credential. Credential Guard employs hardware-supported security to better safeguard against theft methods such as pass-the-hash or pass-the-ticket. Additionally, this feature helps stop malware from retrieving or gaining access to confidential system information.
  • Improved phishing security in Microsoft Defender Smartscreen can identify and inform users if they are entering security information such as a password into an unknown website. It additionally encourages good credential hygiene by alerting users if they are re-using a password ow anting to keep that info in an unsafe location.
  • With built-in protection already supported, Go Passwordless with Windows Hello for Business in Windows 11 improves the deterrence of software attacks from the second users turn on their devices.

Tightening IT policy and conformity

  • Available only on secured-core PCs that are created for improved protection, is Config lock which now supports the prevention of the configuration drift that arises when local admin rights users switch settings and leave devices out-of-sync with the correct IT security procedures. By utilising config lock, Windows 11 can observe the registry keys that set up each element even if that device is not connected to the internet.

Enduring innovation to better protection measures for everyone

Microsoft is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve security from cloud to chip, highlighting the advantages of employing innovative devices with hardware features adjusted to boost hybrid work environments and safety.

 Secured-core PCs with windows 11 are ideal for those who work in and with data-vulnerable scenarios, as these devices already come with extra protection elements enabled, that include sophisticated firmware security, offering the greatest level of Windows security.

Microsoft is dedicated to user security and will always be on the lookout for the best ways to improve its fundamental security measures as we all join together to work toward a more safe and more protected future by not only identifying threats but also ways in which to prevent them in the first place.

All businesses must stay vigilant and on the lookout for any seen and unseen attacks while finding new and innovative ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Many companies do not know where to begin so finding a valuable and trusted partner to help on this journey is vital.

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