Protect your business and its remote workforce against cyber-threats with Microsoft 365 Business

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By April 2020, nearly half of all workers were remote working, with 98% stating they want to have the option to work remotely for good. Success for companies in today’s world means efficiently conveying the importance of remote cooperation in the everchanging business landscape and to then have this backed by world-class security and governance capabilities.  

Threat protection tools are vital in helping you to keep your business protected and free of risks such as, malware, spam, viruses, malicious links, etc. whilst also aiding protection for complex and clever threats subtly disguised as email links, email attachments, and other sophisticated threat procedures. 

Help your business protect against threats 

Microsoft 365 Business is an incorporated solution that joins the best-in-class security, productivity tools, and device management abilities for small to medium-sized businesses.  

M365B protects your business from outside risks by giving you access to the identical enterprise-grade services and safeguards used by several of the world’s biggest organizations.  

You can design your own innovative multifactor authentication policies that can restrict access from untrusted sites or bypass multifactor authentication from those reliable areas such as the office network. 

 Protect against phishing, malware, and other complex hazards by: 

  • Checking links at the time of click to prevent sophisticated phishing 
  • Detecting malware with sandbox studying of email links 
  • Enabling anti-phishing strategies that use machine learning 
  • Enabling advanced multi-factor authentication   

You can also manage who has access to confidential information by: 

  • Encrypting sensitive communications 
  • Block sharing confidential information such as money transactions  
  • Enabling infinite cloud archiving 

With M365B, your business and its employees can effortlessly encrypt email and documents or enforce controls such as do not print. This will help you to communicate securely with customers or people outside your company, guaranteeing that only the intended receiver is able to read the message. 

With the data protection features in M365B, you can keep control of who accesses certain documents, even after that document has been distributed or saved outside your company’s network. 

Adding to this protection of your company’s private information is another essential solution: AIP – Azure Information Protection.   

Azure Information Protection (AIP) 

Azure Information Protection can help your organization to protect its data, documents, and communication by either, limiting the capability for someone to forward and then print the information, or by using labels.  

The limits and safeguards placed on the files and emails stay, irrespective of their location.   Even if a file is emailed outside the company, or perhaps saved to an employee’s personal computer, you remain in control of the data. 

With this solution there is no need to install additional products, everything you need is built in and integrated with Microsoft Windows, Office, and Teams. It also safeguards apps without monopolizing resources and fights against intrusion from hackers. 

Cloud security for your business and its employees is a top necessity for major companies now, especially in these uncertain times.  If your company is interested in learning about ways to combat security or progressing its digital transformation, then get in touch and see how BCI can help you on your journey. 

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