Protecting your company’s cloud capabilities with Microsoft Cloud App Security

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In recent times, as companies are shifting more of their jobs and capabilities to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to safeguard cross-cloud resources. Therefore, Microsoft created complete cloud security to safeguard every level of the cloud across Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), regardless of which cloud or cloud apps you use.

Making the move to the cloud improves flexibility equally for your staff and your IT. Yet, it also presents new tasks and complications when making sure your company is protected. To secure the maximum benefit from cloud apps and services, your IT team needs to understand the correct balance of maintaining access while preserving control in order to protect the company’s vital data. It is essential to increase visibility and management of data in cloud applications, especially given the growing number of cybersecurity strikes and compliance requirements for current/future major policies.

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a user-centred subscription service that offers deep visibility and management over data travel, as well as advanced analytics to detect and fight cyber threats throughout your cloud services. MCAS, driven by integrating with industry-leading protection and identity solutions, including Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Information Protection, detects and fights these dangers by working as a mediator, or broker, between the cloud provider and its user.

MCAS is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). CASBs are cloud-created protection solutions that offer a level of defence that allows for the management and handling of activities and information across both custom and public cloud SaaS apps and IaaS services. CASBs are divided into four main ability areas, including information security, threat security, Shadow IT detection, and compliance. These areas are the structure on which MCAS is built.

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) exclusively combines with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MSDE), an integrated endpoint protection platform for security, discovery, analysis, and reaction to improve the discovery of Shadow IT in your business.

Incorporating with Azure AD and Azure Information Protection

In this modern-day work environment, it is vital that businesses empower their staff and users to work from anywhere and from any device. Growing partnership demands call for more data to be shared with collaborators and external associates. However, at the same time businesses must protect their company’s data and assets.

MCAS allows companies to detect sensitive information across cloud apps, keep an eye on it when it is shared over and in unsafe environments, and take the required governance procedures by categorizing, tagging, and guarding current and new data in your environment.

MCAS combines with Azure AD and Azure Information Protection to produce these resources in a complete and unified experience. It empowers companies with a level of roughness when identifying what threat means to their business, and then the ability to obtain control and visibility of any user sessions that meet that description.




Integration with Power Automate

Power Automate is a tool that enables you to build automatic workflow among your chosen apps and services in order to coordinate data, get notices, collect information, and more. Microsoft Cloud App Security joins with Power Automate to deliver custom notification automation that facilitates and composes a response when certain warnings are activated. By creating a script in Power Automate using a Cloud App Security connector, your company can build workflows that allow personalized governance alternatives for its procedures.

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