Providing university students with the skills needed to succeed in the digital workplace

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Modern-day universities are experiencing a new era of unparalleled change and indecision with altering markets and shifting regulations. With these changes comes the chance to focus on what it means to succeed in this area and what really matters to businesses and their stakeholders.

Microsoft Office 365’s ongoing implementation for students and staff opens the door for the possibility of collaboration. As users can access Office 365 anywhere and, on all devices, they can work in whichever way suits them best. Office 365 is approachable in its design and equipped with a variety of tools to help those with reduced hearing, speech, vision, learning and mobility abilities to communicate, collaborate, and create on content.


Fostering cooperation, production, and business value

Launching a platform-based method with all the planning, collaboration, assessments, and sheer determination to make it work is not to be undervalued. All parts of both the business and community play a vital role in joining these together. Included in this are the staff, students, and the Microsoft teams who have provided the sector with their guidance and support.
The capability for the organization and its students and facility members to effortlessly join together, along with advancing research, innovation, and influencing the practices is extremely influential. It shows how the best technology choices can help deliver to the aspirations of the university.

Microsoft Showcase Schools

Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework has been used by showcase schools to improve and increase student results and focuses on providing students with the skills they will need in the future. The school-wide renovation starts with a clear-cut concept and is sustained through a society of innovation, education, and constant progression. Colleges and schools from all over the UK have been added to Microsoft’s showcase teaching programme, which helps students learn by teaching them about technology.

Encourage students to think innovatively around the future of technology

Bringing technology into career conversations and making sure students leave university with an understanding of how AI is going to change the world of work guarantees that the direction they are taking is everlasting.

One of our own case studies was to support Downing College in digitalising their exiting paper forms, guaranteeing that they created a central hub that held accessible forms for their students to adopt and use. The College has achieved the student’s goal of being able to digitalise their requests via online forms, which in turn has sped up the process for the tutorial team and helped them save time and work smarter. Additionally, they have also reduced their administration overheads as they no longer need to employ temporary workers to process paper documents when onboarding new students.

If you are interested, then you can find the full case study here:

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