Safeguarding and managing your organisation’s data with Microsoft Dataverse

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Dataverse, a Microsoft cloud-based, low-code solution allows users to safely manage and keep data employed in their company apps, with many ways in which to retrieve and alter it. Users can operate the data by utilising tools such as Power Automate, or through connectors that connect to Microsoft Dataverse from any company solution.

CLoud Security

Protection within Dataverse 

One of Dataverse’s main goals is to make sure all users and their data are protected. It aims to do this through the following:  

  • By giving users the access needed to only the suitable levels of data that are necessary for them to conduct their role.
  • By classifying users by their job role and then limiting access based on those jobs. 
  • Establishing data sharing so that teams and users can be allowed access to any data or records that they do not own for any particular joint project. 
  • Blocking any user’s access to records or data they do not own and do not have permission to see.

Businesses are choosing Dataverse because of all the benefits it can offer them, such as:

  • Security: Dataverse manages authentication through Azure Active Directory which allows for provisional access and multi-factor authentication.
  • Data Loss Prevention: The Power Platform and Dataverse safeguards companies’ data, both at rest and on the move with Microsoft Data Loss Prevention. 
  • Data: Dataverse gives users the control to allow them to mold their data, letting them uncover, shape, and authenticate their data. This power guarantees users’ data is presented in the way they want irrespective of how it is applied. 
  • Logic: Dataverse enables users to simply employ business logic at the data level, no matter how a user interacts with the data.
  • Storage: Dataverse keeps business’s physical data in the Azure cloud. This cloud-based space eliminates the need to worry about where a user’s or business’s data lives.
  • Integration: Dataverse joins with many different tools in order to help users to maintain their business requirements. Tools such as data exports allow users the flexibility to bring data in and send it out. 
  • Auditing: This auditing feature has been created to connect the external and internal auditing, security, and governance policies that are commonplace in many companies.

Creating Safe Hybrid Environments 

While companies are hastily trying to keep up with the latest trends and making the move to the cloud there is a greater need and dependence on those new innovative technologies that are being presented, especially when making company decisions. Dataverse can help to:

  • Keep teams connected.No matter the users’ location or time zone, they will gain access to any data and cloud-based services in the company’s Microsoft 365 subscription as well as any company resources.
  • Make sure all logins are protected with multi-factor authentication and built-in protection features that are backed by Azure AD. This helps to safeguard against any nasty attacks and data loss. 
  • Supervise any of the business’s hybrid worker devices through management from the cloud with protection settings and permitted apps. 
  • Make sure all hybrid workers are as creative and collective as possible through chats and online meetings through Microsoft Teams, collaborative workspaces that are easily accessible regardless of location or time through OneDrive and SharePoint, and collective workflows and joint tasks that make sure all work is divided equally and that projects get completed quickly and efficiently.

Interested in learning more about top security measures including Microsoft Dataverse and what this could mean for your company? Then get in touch with us at Business Cloud Integration and see how working with a trusted and reliable advisor can put your business in a better place to grow and achieve whilst ensuring its safety and protection.

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