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Safety and security on the transition to the cloud with Microsoft 365

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There is no denying that the workplace environment has seen a massive shift in the last few years. Hybrid working has overtaken the traditional office setting and more and more employees want this new way of working to stay. Unfortunately, with this uptake in remote working comes increased security risks, with a considerable number of businesses reporting breaches in security.

Microsoft’s complete, unified portfolio of cloud solutions over Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure are constructed on a core belief system of protection and confidentiality, assisting all businesses in all industries to develop stronger companies and further fulfill their fundamental values.

Microsoft 365 and its other solutions can support businesses:

  • To be as productive as possible, regardless of location
  • By safeguarding companies with trusted technology
  • By utilizing a singular cost-effective solution for reliable cooperation

Enhancing employee experience

A vital part of any company is its employees and teams who make up the core of each business. With the uptake in remote and hybrid working and the move away from a traditional way of working, employee satisfaction has dropped to an all-time low. From employees feeling disconnected from their teams to job demands rising and wellbeing dwindling, burnout is an ever-real issue.

With Microsoft’s unified selection of solutions, companies can enable their teams to work to their best ability whilst also connecting and collaborating together.

These include:

  • Building improved content as a team
  • Working confidently together with trusted technology due to safe cloud locations and version history
  • Collecting important notes, chats, and documents in a collective space
  • Sharing and editing live files with integrated Office 365 apps that users can use from any location and any device
  • Users can feel connected to team members, even from different locations through communicative and easily accessible meetings from Microsoft Teams, helping to renew that collective bond

Safeguard companies with trusted technology

Remote and hybrid working has brought about many new benefits to the way we work. However, they have also, unfortunately, left those companies not yet prepared for this new way of working, vulnerable to security breaches and attacks.

Microsoft’s portfolio of tools including Azure and Dynamic 365 will ensure businesses are safeguarded and protected whilst guarding their data and privacy alongside supporting companies in upgrading their individual safety approaches.  

Guarantee only users with permission gain access
Azure allows users to oversee verification across multiple devices and apps, decreasing the need for multiple passwords to one set of credentials per member.
Users can also replicate protected access with multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access policies.

Safeguard companies’ data
Businesses can install Microsoft-endorsed, personalised protection standards on Microsoft 365 Apps, Windows PCs, and Microsoft Edge.
Users can also detect, screen, and automatically safeguard sensitive data across Microsoft 365 by employing targeted data loss prevention policies.

Actively stop threats
Teams can examine any cloud apps that are employed without permission from the IT department whilst also getting a live assessment of the company’s existing security posture, including endorsements for how to improve and compare the business’s score.

Not only that but Microsoft 365’s tools and apps can also support each company to:

  • Lower the likelihood of breaches in general by improving each individual company’s security position
  • Oversee software more effectively allowing the IT departments to focus on strategy and approach
  • Lower costs through flexible working
  • Increase efficiency and transform procedures by utilising dashboards and workflows

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