St John Ambulance

“The Business Cloud Integration team have proven invaluable in their work on our corporate intranet. They are approachable, speak ‘human’, and are very patient explaining technical issues. Really fun to work with, reliable and ever so flexible, I’ll happily work with them again and recommend them.”

— Georgeina Baker, Marketing Officer


Business Cloud Integration Ltd were commissioned by Microsoft to perform a detailed feasibility study for migrating 20,000+ St John Ambulance users from SharePoint 2010 on premise, to Office 365.

The existing environment contained a vast amount of data, and St John Ambulance were looking for a document management solution that would allow their users to quickly access the information they need, and to easily collaborate and share documents across the organisation. The chosen solution also needed to be able to integrate with other on premise systems used by the charity.

The charity had complex identity requirements because, due to the nature of the organisation, many of their users held multiple roles, both as employees and volunteers, and so they needed to find a solution that would ensure users could easily access the information that was appropriate to whichever role they were currently performing. They needed a solution to make day-to-day working simpler and more efficient for all their users.

Both the existing environment and the intranet required updating and refreshing, to ensure that they were future proof, would be compatible with future system updates, and were operating as efficiently as possible.


Confidence and Demonstrated Cost Savings
Our expert guidance and advice have given St John Ambulance the confidence to plan a massive migration and create their pilot project. We have also demonstrated how they will be able to reduce their infrastructure and support costs through migration to Office 365.

Improved Functionality
We also solved their immediate requirements in their on premise environment, to enable them to provide improved functionality to all 20,000+ of their users in the interim pre-migration.

St John Ambulance - Office 365 Proof of Concept

Advising the nation’s leading first aid charity on migration from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365.



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  • Microsoft Office 365


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Added Value

Empowering teams – By simplifying the existing infrastructure, we helped the team to future proof their existing environment in preparation for the migration. We also worked closely with the in house on premise development team to help them understand the end user functionality of SharePoint, and empower them to have more control and ownership of their environment.

Ongoing support – We also provide ongoing support to the organisation and act as a trusted technical adviser for requirements as they arise.