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The Covid 19 epidemic has completely transformed the way companies run and employees work. In fact, 2020 will always be thought of as a year of significant revolution. However, one factor that remains unchanged is our fundamental human nature and our basic need to feel protected. Being safe and knowing your protected is what permits us to accomplish more, build more, and believe in the technology that unites us all. 

During the previous phases of cybersecurity, complexity has been the backbone, but in the last few years, it has expanded beyond its breaking point and has now become a burden for security specialists. As companies become accustomed to the tasks created by the increased cybersecurity attacks, the demand to balance user efficiency while guaranteeing effective security is essential.  

Those who have implemented cloud environments concur that it’s the securest place to safeguard company resources. As businesses contemplate upgrading their individuality and access management systems, the security and IT departments need to take a good hard look at their current on-premises investments. In the face of this huge issue, protection teams must assess and revitalize their legacy security systems and toolsets to adjust to a modern and flexible approach to company security. 

Organizations experiencing digital transformation are seeking out innovative ways to connect with their customers, develop extra revenue streams, and place modernization at the head of their corporate approach. Neglecting to safeguard digital resources can lead to those same businesses sacrificing their hard-earned achievements. 

Many companies begin by considering their cloud assets as an additional virtual datacenter, an efficient initial starting spot for protection in the cloud. As businesses adapt using security from the cloud, the majority will find themselves rapidly surpassing this model of thinking. Ensuring a software-defined datacenter employing cloud-hosted tools allows for capacities beyond what on-premises models can present: 

  • Swift enablement and grading of security facilities. 
  • Highly efficient asset inventory and security configuration hygiene discovery. 
  • Ongoing assessment of the company’s security stance and regulations, by implementing, for example, Microsoft Defender for Cloud.  
  • Massively improved threat detection that utilizes huge repositories of threat intelligence and the almost infinite processing and storage capabilities of the cloud, such as those supported by Microsoft Sentinel. 

Latest Secure Work from Anywhere Workshop 

The Secure Work from Anywhere Workshop – one of the latest developments from the Microsoft 365 Cloud Accelerators Program – is a two-day partner-led engagement that was created to publicise the value of Microsoft 365 to new consumers. In this workshop, clients can visualize responsive work scenarios and learn how to empower their employees to be creative and safe using Microsoft 365, whether working remotely or in an office, including safeguarding mobile access and executing initial security.   

It’s crucial to see digital transformation as a constructive prospect for security. While it’s easy to see the possible downsides and risk of this transformation, it’s also not hard to miss the enormous chance available to reinvent the position of security in your company and gain a seat at the table where outcomes are made. Connecting with the business can allow for heightened security funding, lower inefficient repetitive attempts in security, and helps to make operating in security much more exciting as employees will be considerably more linked to the company’s goal.  

Streamlining your identity structure is essential to allow protected remote work for your business and to keep your company’s assets secure. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can help you appreciate and secure the essential benefits of safeguarding your work in the cloud and help to protect and inspire your remote workforce. 

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