Strengthen users’ automated business migration experience with Power BI and its latest migration tool

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Microsoft Power BI, a collection of services, apps, and software works together to turn individual sources of data into compelling and collective understandings. Power BI enables users to easily link to data sources and finish the data without disturbing the original resource, regardless of whether the data is something as straightforward as a Microsoft Excel workbook, or more complex such as a set of on-premises data stores.

For the last couple of years Microsoft has been devoted to bringing about Power BI premium as a superset of AAS, Azure Analysis Service, which will result in the connection of the business’s advanced self-service abilities of Power BI and the rich initiative and expressive modeling features of ASS into a solitary platform: Power BI Premium.

Microsoft has made considerable improvements to turn this idea into reality; allowing equal attributes that deliver capabilities such as initiative modeling abilities, performance enhancements for rapid user interactivity, and the delivered design of Power BI Premium latest generation. Collectively, migrating to Power BI Premium has now developed to be seen as a highly desirable value proposal to many users. New clients can simply leverage the usefulness of Power BI Premium right from the start.

That being said, Microsoft is very aware that current AAS users have hit some issues when it comes to migrating and have voiced problems when it comes to accomplishing productive migrations. This is due to physical involvement. However, Microsoft is thrilled to reveal that the preview of the automated tool is now available for all users.

The Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium tool is a simple migration resolution that allows for the migration of AAS server models to Power BI Premium workspaces. Users will be able to transfer datasets at the push of a button, alongside automatically sending customer-tool contacts from a current AAS server to a dataset living inside the Power BI Premium through new server rerouting capabilities. This allows for a streamlined migration experience that reduces any effect on users, reports, and automation methods, and lets users control and influence the complete suite of Power BI.

The AAS migration tool boosts the migration experience from the Azure Analysis Services to not only Power BI Premium but also Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Premium Per User workspaces.

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