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These days there is no longer a difference between ‘hybrid working’ and ‘office working,’ it is all just ‘work.’ As remote working is now considered the norm, the issue facing businesses is finding the best way to support and balance both the needs of the company and those of its employees. It is now a priority for every business to offer incorporated tech solutions driven by data but also by AI to help its staff work to the best of their ability. In order to do this, organisations need to understand how the new examples of working are influencing the future. These include:

  • Establishing a strong digital experience for all its employees, joining together a scattered and remote workforce with each other and the company.
  • Supporting those that want or need to work remotely, enabling work flexibility.
  • Delivering collective experiences into the workflow, anything from data to company procedures, throughout various functions, and roles.

Supporting hybrid or remote working through Microsoft Teams

Throughout the last year, Microsoft has announced the arrival of over 450 new features to Microsoft Teams to assist people working collectively or separately. From presenting new active presentations with tools such as PowerPoint Live and Recording Studio to encouraging hybrid meetings and establishing collaboration that goes beyond with Microsoft Loop.

Another of the latest features announced to enhance the AI-powered hybrid work experience is Excel Live. This allows users in Teams meetings to work alongside others in real-time on a workbook. Users in the meeting can delve into and change a workbook live, without needing to leave the screen. This update adds to the recent development of Live Share in Teams, which enables members to work together in apps immediately within the window for the Teams meeting.

Delivering collective experiences into the workflow

Microsoft are proud to support companies in bringing about the next stage of efficiency with cooperative and shared apps that deliver company procedures straight into the flow of work. Microsoft partners and customers are keeping to their promise of renovating the ways in which they conduct business with Teams apps and features such as Adobe Acrobat Sign for Teams which allows their clients to build, operate, and sign contracts without the need to ever leave Teams.

An accessible, extensive, and collective contact centre solution, the Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform focuses on the requirements and demands of a modern contact centre by giving teams the contemporary digital tools they need in order to engage with their clients by means of a selection of video, voice, and other digital channels. These are driven by Teams, Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the latest member, Nuance.

Nuance brings about a whole new level of automation and conversational AI to the centre, providing clients and agents alike with the tools needed to solve matters quicker, plus a better customisable service. Furthermore, Nuance tech such as its fraud prevention can better protect the client experience and simplify contact centre protection.

The openness and accessibility of the platform enables companies to use what they already have and simply combine any mix of the resources they need in order to take their contact centre to the next, higher stage. It combines a range of contact centre infrastructures and CRM systems, allowing users to add resources when they are needed to renovate client engagement on a user’s own terms.

Establishing a strong, vibrant digital employee experience for all functions

In 2021 Microsoft announced Microsoft Viva, the first version of the employee experience platform which connects knowledge, communities, goals, communication, learning, and insights and puts them straight into the flow of work in Teams. This was brought about as it was high time that the conventional employee experience was examined and reviewed.

Now available, Microsoft Viva Goals is a target-setting, management solution that associates your teams to your company’s tactical priorities in order to power results.

Microsoft has now released Microsoft Viva Engage a new Teams app that alongside delivering the tools needed for individual representation, facilitates the creation of community and connection. Viva Engage takes customer-like social networking to the workplace, using the strength of Yammer to spark engagement, develop community, and expand individual networks. Managers can distribute news, solve any questions, and enable two-way chats that allow all employees to feel they have been heard and are involved with the company. Employees can link up with co-workers, and communicate their ideas, passions, and thoughts.

Support your organisation’s workforce in their hybrid or remote working by implementing Microsoft’s latest features and by getting in touch with us today and see how we at Business Cloud Integration, a reliable, trustworthy, and highly regarded Microsoft consultant can help enhance employee collaboration with the latest technology upgrades, guaranteeing both your business and your staff are as flexible and experienced as they can be

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