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Thanks to the announcements out of Microsoft Ignite last month, Microsoft Teams has received exciting features and brand-new updates that will help connect the company’s teams, improving collaboration and cooperation for all.

Below are some of these fantastic new releases:


Utilise the Together mode to designate seats
The Together mode allows those joining a virtual meeting to feel more like they are all interacting together in the same room. This latest update allows meeting coordinators and those presenting the ability to allocate certain seats to members.

Drop shared content into a different window
Before, to help simplify the workflow, users could pop out specific Teams chats, meetings, or calls into a different window. Microsoft has upgraded this feature to now encourage users to also drop communal meeting content into a separate window allowing users to review both content and meeting members easily.

Modernized companion mode designed for Android users
For those users searching for the best hybrid meeting experience, Microsoft has revised the companion mode for Teams mobile allowing those members actually present in the meeting easy access to features such as chat, and Microsoft Whiteboard. It will now be simpler to access meeting controls, such as, casting a PowerPoint or muting the room. Companion mode in Teams mobile can improve hybrid meetings by:

  1. Allowing members to simply join a meeting from either their device or from the Teams room with a simple, single tap.
  2. Permitting users to easily access the member list and view any live reactions.
  3. Ensuring no echoes or noise disruption by automatically turning off audio on mobile devices.


Comprehensive call history
Users can now gain a more thorough view of their call history, allowing them to see how calls arrived and were controlled and whether they were transferred. This allows users the context needed to be more effective and useful through a complete call history with the capability to access all call transcriptions and recordings.

Develop Contact Groups in Calls App
Users can now create new contact groups and change the membership of any current groups in the right rail pane of the Calls App.

Chat & Collaboration

Microsoft 365-associated templates
Microsoft has combined the absolute best of the Microsoft Teams templates with the SharePoint site. This means when a user sets up a new team employing a default template, any linked SharePoint template gest automatically applied.

Recommended Responses in Group Chat
Users can now simply reply to a message with one click by selecting one of the recommended responses instead of wasting time entering a routine response. These recommended replies utilize machine learning in order to create replies that are most relevant to the current chat.

Video clip
Users can now design brief, powerful video clips that allow for self-expression, giving a more personalised touch. Merely record, send, and then see the video clip in a chat. Those receiving can also simply reply with a video clip of their own.

Remove or retitle files in a channel and in the OneDrive folder in Teams
To rename or remove a file in a channel, users can go to the files tab and find the file. They can then choose the three dots/More options on the file. To rename or remove the file from OneDrive, they can just choose More at the bottom of the app, then Files and finally choose whether to give the file a new title or remove it.

Power Platform and custom development

Streamlined app update experience
Users can now get a strong and visible app update experience by only authorizing an update once per app, then the new edition will simply carry over into all chats, and meetings.

Zero install link developing
Users will now be able to view a preview card when a fixed link unfurls even if they do not have that app connected.


Improved usage analytics for administrators and users of Teams
Teams-related usage reports in the Microsoft 365 admin centre received many latest updates and improvements. Microsoft is ensuring dependability over various different reporting surfaces, as they are modernizing the Teams admin centre usage reports and end-user analytics in Teams with identical fundamental data source as is used for Microsoft 365 Admin Centre Teams usage reports.

Improvement to the app usage report
There is now an updated version of the Teams app usage report with assistance for Line of Business apps in association with Teams app usage in the M365 admin centre. These latest improvements include support for the usage of Line of Business apps, Tenant level install trends and LoB apps, etc. These improvements support the admins in measuring the usage of the Teams app across their business and help them to label them.

Employ Microsoft Teams and any of the latest updates to make your company’s meetings more collaborative, the members to collaborate more freely and join together all users in order to help your business to become as advanced and innovative as possible! Get in touch with us today and see why using a reliable, trustworthy, and highly regarded Microsoft consultant will help your business and its staff on the journey to digital renovation.

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