Top Azure Announcements at Microsoft Build 2021

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As mentioned in our previous article, Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Microsoft Build took place last week and we saw a mass of new product improvements, several of which focused on cloud computing technology and updates for consumer services. 

As it was a developer conference, Microsoft focused on key core areas, including Cloud, Azure, and Microsoft 365.  


Data is the sustenance for any computing system, so it was completely within reason that Microsoft put a lot of effort into improving the quality of Azure. An exciting new data feature is the ledger capability for Azure SQL Database, which is available in Preview, and starts in West Central US followed shortly by all regions. This feature adds tamper-evident capabilities to your Azure SQL Databases using blockchain technology, but without blockchain infrastructure.  

Microsoft Edge 91 

Microsoft highlighted another new announcement: Edge 91. This will come with several new features including Sleeping Tabs and Startup Boost. Both features, according to the company, will bring performance enhancement and will allow the Edge browser to run smoother on low-end hardware. 

Since the last Build conference, the Microsoft Edge platform continues to inspire developers with the latest tools to be prepared for today’s ever changing web landscape.  

Windows on ARM-based dev kit 

Microsoft and Qualcomm have joined together to expand the Windows on ARM experience on PCs. Qualcomm is introducing the Snapdragon Developer Kit for Windows 10 PCs, which will provide developers with the ability to create ARM64 apps for Snapdragon-based PCs. 

Azure App Services for Kubernetes 

This year’s Microsoft Build, saw a huge amount of focus on Azure Arc. The Arc service will allow users to run any Windows, Linux, SQL server, or Kubernetes cluster across data centres, whether it is in Azure, on-premises, or even in another cloud. Arc is multi-cloud — however you like to explain that.  

Azure app services are now able to run on Kubernetes clusters in Azure Arc irrespective of the environment type: on-premises, edge or multi cloud.  

This ability, which right now is in review, removes the need to choose between the models of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Kubernetes. A Few of the app services that this relates to are the following: 

  • App Service 
  • API Management 
  • Event Grid 
  • Logic Apps 
  • Function 

If any of these announcements have whet your appetite, then click the link below to see more exciting releases from the Microsoft Build Conference 2021: 

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