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Transform Customer Service and Ignite Business Growth with Intelligent Virtual Agents

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Providing an amazing customer experience is the key to success in the digital age. However, delivering fast, frictionless support across every channel only becomes more challenging as companies expand. The good news? With the right technology partner, revolutionising customer service to fuel growth is easier than ever before.

Power Virtual Agent

At Business Cloud Integration, we specialise in leveraging state-of-the-art platforms like Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and SharePoint to create intelligent conversational bots. These virtual agents understand natural language, access invaluable company knowledge, and deliver wow-worthy experiences that delight customers and employees.

Our team are certified experts in the Microsoft Power Platform, trusted by enterprises worldwide to transform business operations. With Power Virtual Agents, we empower companies like yours to easily build feature-rich chatbots using intuitive no-code tools. Link them to SharePoint’s secure content management capabilities, and your bots gain an instant knowledge boost to resolve queries quickly.

For example, your virtual agent could immediately pull up a customer’s order details from SharePoint to enable self-service tracking 24/7. Or instantaneously answer a frequently asked question by surfacing a relevant Support Centre article on demand. The possibilities are endless when you have the right partner.

Our bots consistently exceed expectations thanks to our unrivaled experience designing natural conversational flows. We’ll work closely with you to build bots that truly understand your customers and provide intelligent responses, even for complex multi-step conversations.

Advanced features like proactive recommendations and deep contextual awareness that we specialise in enable the virtual agents we create to handle interactions naturally – as a human would. The result is seamlessly personalised experiences no matter where customers engage – your website, mobile apps, or messaging platforms.

With consistent multi-language support, our experts empower companies to deliver unified, global customer service easily with virtual agents. Your customers enjoy quick resolution and answers at all times, leading to long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Even better, as your business grows, our bots effortlessly scale with you. Built-in analytics provide actionable insights into usage and performance. This allows continuous optimisation to handle rising conversation volumes while delivering ever-better experiences.

Your human agents are freed up to focus on high-value activities too, as bots automate repetitive tasks at scale. According to Microsoft, Power Virtual Agents delivers ROI of over $1 million per year through operational savings – savings you can redirect into business growth.

As a trusted Microsoft 365 solutions partner, integrating cutting-edge platforms like Power Virtual Agents into your digital workplace ecosystem is second nature to our team. The results we have delivered for enterprises are truly game-changing! The bots also improved customer satisfaction scores dramatically thanks to instant query resolution.

With us as your partner, you too can revolutionise customer experiences while unlocking new business growth. Don’t wait to get started on your virtual agent journey. Contact our experts today for a complimentary consultation and live demo.

Let us show you how conversational AI can resolve customer requests faster, free up employees to drive innovation, and take your business growth to new heights. The future of automated, personalised support powered by virtual agents is here!

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