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Transform your business digitally with PowerApps & Power Virtual Agent

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Numerous Microsoft business customers are incorporating low code tools into Microsoft Teams to accelerate their digital makeover. Also, other companies are turning to low code apps to rapidly adjust to the ever-changing events of the world over this last year.

Microsoft released the latest development of low code tools in Teams: Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps and Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, a low code built-in data platform for Teams, at the end of last year to help businesses and organisations on their digital journeys. 

Build custom low code apps without leaving Teams

The Power Apps app for Teams enables users to create and install custom apps without ever leaving Teams. With the easy, embedded graphical app studio, it has never been simpler to build low code apps for teams. Customers can also utilize the instant value that comes from built in teams app templates, which can be customized quickly and used in one click. 

Next, you will have the ability to distribute apps to anyone in your company. Those on your team will be able to work together to develop apps and then share them with everyone in the company by publishing it in the Teams app store.  

Low code chatbots in Teams are here to help
Chatbots are a great way to better expand how consumers get the work done. They are particularly helpful in Teams as the chatty nature of these bots combine well into the flow of the chats you have with your colleagues – talking with a bot is as simple as talking with your colleague. Common uses for these bots within your business can include HR self-service, onboarding help, and IT helpdesk. These bots can increase your free time, allowing individuals to concentrate on high-value work. 

Power Virtual AgentPower Virtual Agents encourage people in your organization to make bots with a straightforward no-code graphical user interface. You can create bots within Teams using the embedded bot studio and can now implement these bots to teams or your whole company with just a few clicks. 

Using this practical way to create and manage bots, experts can develop and use bots to help tackle frequent department-level requirements that maybe were not significant enough to get tackled by hard-working IT departments. Businesses with select Office 365 subscriptions that include Power Apps and Power Automate will have access to Power Virtual Agents’ capabilities for Teams at no additional cost.  

Dataverse for Teams – A new low code data platform for Teams
The Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps for Teams can be supported by a new interactive datastore – Dataverse for Teams. Dataverse for Teams delivers a subsection of the full Microsoft Dataverse capabilities but more than enough to get started creating apps and bots for your businesses. Dataverse for Teams also enhances application lifecycle management, permitting customers flawless upgrades to more powerful offerings when their apps and data outgrow what comes with their Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licenses. 

Admin, security, and governance for your low code solutions in Teams
Microsoft Dataverse for Teams follows current data governance rules formed by the Power Platform and facilitates access control in the Teams Admin Center like any other Teams feature. Inside the Teams Admin center, you can accept or prevent apps designed by users at the individual level, group level, or org level. The Power Platform admin center provides more detail on Power Platform solutions use and control, if needed. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Power Apps or Power Virtual Agents and how they can benefit your company, then get in touch and see how we can help you and your business on your digital journey.  


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