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Unlock the business potential with new features from Microsoft Power Pages

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Looking for a reliable, low-code software as a service platform for creating and managing websites for your company then look no further than Microsoft Power Pages. No matter if users are skilled developers or not, Power Pages encourages them to easily build and deliver intelligent websites whilst presenting robust templates that will help business developers to construct sites that satisfy their business’s specific needs.

This feature is further helped by Microsoft’s recent announcement of the additional layer of security to the Power Pages website with the introduction of the site visibility feature.

This function allows creators to control the website’s access and permissions. Those with access can set the site to ‘private ‘in order to limit access to individuals or can make it ‘public’ so all in the company can access it if needed.

The creation of any new site in and by Power Pages and Power Apps portals is set to private by default. Once a website is finished and therefore ready to go live, its visibility can be switched to public.

Some of the new abilities that the site visibility feature gives creators and admins include:

  • Developing the sites in a private state, allowing them to be made protected by default
  • The capability to distribute limited site access for those in the business allows for greater partnership and teamwork during the development stage
  • Notifying creators before they make any changes to a public site across Power Pages and Power Apps portals studio designer etc
  • Allowing admins of the service to control which individuals are allowed to make a site public by utilising Power Platform Admin Centre and Power shell script

Power Pages sites created confidential by default

When a user builds a new site on the Power Pages home page it is created privately by default. This means the new website has limited internet access only those members who have been given a system administrator role can review the site. Creators receive a notification of the site visibility type on the home page.

Capability to allow website accessibility

Owners of the site can allow access to others in the company throughout the design phase in ‘set up a workspace.’

Creators receive alerts regarding editing public sites

Editing a live site may have a negative impact on any clients who might be working on that site. When a creator opens a public site for correcting, they will be notified that any changes will be applied to the live site.

Managerial governance of site visibility

Once a new site has been built, those users with a system administrator role and any service admins with extra privileges may alter the site’s visibility type. Admins have the power to allow or rescind this privilege for system admins by running a PowerShell script. Furthermore, admins can also appoint particular system administrators with certain permissions in specific Azure security groups.

These are just a few ways this new feature can help your business and grow your understanding of Power Pages and the entire Power Platform.

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