Utilising Azure to safeguard your hybrid workforce

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Right now, companies are operating in, what is considered to be, the most complicated cybersecurity environment ever witnessed. Clever and unwavering attackers are considered commonplace. To add to this, organizations across the globe are bracing for the next wave, another huge disturbance —hybrid staff. Safety and defence are now of significant importance, especially for those companies who are amid digital renovation, and, in the cloud, a fully developed protection policy is essential, particularly so as safety restrictions in the cloud are poles apart from those on-premises. These differences stem from the fact that on-premises tend to concentrate on border protection, whereas cloud capabilities require a layered tactic.

In terms of Microsoft, the company itself revealed it receives a staggering 1.5 million attempts a day to undermine or jeopardize its cloud computing operations.

The complexity and prevalence of cyberthreats have led to a critical juncture for the industry. Threats from nation-states and global organizations are soaring, attacking crucial organizations, and placing both lives and economies in danger. These assaults both carefully planned and created, take advantage of various weak points so they can find an entry into important technologies and significant data.

The Azure Platform

One of the greatest motivations to utilize Azure for your companies’ services and applications is to benefit from its extensive selection of safety tools and resources, which support you by making it viable to build and generate safe solutions on a reliable Azure platform.

Azure public cloud services assist with the same technologies trusted and depended on by the masses of technology professionals and developers. If you develop on, or transfer IT assets to, a shared cloud service provider you are trusting that company’s skills in safeguarding your companies’ data, using the facilities they offer to operate the safety of your cloud centred resources.

You might be thinking but where to start? Protection and safety are a collective responsibility. Microsoft has come up with five steps to help you now, regardless of whether you’re an existing customer or a new client:

  1. Turn on Azure Secure Score. Azure Secure Score is found in Azure Security Centre and provides you with a digital view of your Azure security position.
  2. Introduce multi-factor authentication. Identity is seen as an extremely significant risk vector; MFA drastically lowers this risk.
  3. Activate Azure Defender in every cloud-based task with just a few clicks. Azure Defender safeguards against dangers such as brute-force attacks, attacks on storage accounts and remote desktop protocol, to name but a few.
  4. Initiate Azure WAF and DDoS security for all your websites, guaranteeing your companies web apps are secure against any nasty attacks or vulnerabilities.
  5. Activate Azure Firewall in all your companies’ subscriptions in order to guard and defend your Azure virtual networks.

Safety should not be considered the final stop, it’s a constant expedition. Financed invaders will never stop modernising and transforming. For this reason alone, it is vital for you company to select a cloud supplier who is always on the lookout for potential threats for and is always improving and bettering the safety of the platform.

If your company is looking for a trusted and reliable advisor to help navigate you on this expedition, then get in touch with us at Business Cloud Integration and see how we can help you to find the best security solution for your company and its hybrid workforce.

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