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Utilising Power Virtual Agents

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Adaptable Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots, otherwise known as Power Virtual Agents, inspire teams to build powerful chatbots effortlessly by utilizing a managed, no-code graphical interface that removes the need for developers. These chatbots then resolve general customer and internal matters automatically, allowing staff to concentrate their time on the larger, complicated demands and higher-value relations.

Power Virtual Agents tackle several of today’s main concerns with bot building. They remove the differences between subject matter specialists and the development teams developing the bots, as well as the lengthy inactivity between teams identifying the issue and altering the bot to deal with it. They also eliminate the difficulty of exposing teams to the nuances of conversational AI and the necessity of writing intricate code, whilst cutting the IT effort required to implement and retain a custom conversational solution.

Power Virtual Agent

Utilizing Power Virtual Agents, your business will:

  • Encourage the team by permitting them to effortlessly create chatbots themselves without requiring intermediaries, AI expertise, or coding.
  • Cut costs by simply automating general queries and freeing up the human agent time needed in order to deal with the complicated issues.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by permitting clients to solve issues and self-help.

Power Virtual Agents provides your business the flexibility needed to develop bots in various environments. An environment is a setting: a place to keep, manage, and distribute your company’s data. The bots created are saved in an environment. Apps and flows are also kept here. Environments can have unique functions, safety requirements, and target audiences, so every environment is built in a different location.

Features of Power Virtual Agents include:

  1. Begin in seconds. Power Virtual Agents is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables the user to sign up, build their chatbot, and insert it into the company website with just a few clicks. There is no infrastructure to preserve or complicated systems to install.
  2. Inspire the subject matter experts. By utilizing Power Virtual Agents, users are put in the driver’s seat. The SMEs can develop chatbots instantly and easily by using a new, insightful, code-free graphical interface, removing any need for a team of developers.
  3. Facilitate deep, genuine communications. Microsoft’s effective conversational AI abilities allow end-users to conduct powerful multi-turn conversations that instantly point them to the right solution. There is no need to re-educate AI models, unlike most products out there. Just offer a couple of brief examples of the topic needed for the chatbot to operate, develop the conversation by using the graphical editor, and the chatbot is set up to manage any client requests.
  4. Allow chatbots to act. Chatbots that can communicate with users are good, however, chatbots that can act on their behalf is even better. With Power Virtual Agents, users can integrate easily with services and back-end systems or through hundreds of easy-to-add custom connectors utilizing Power Automate, making it straightforward to build a chatbot that not only replies to the user but also performs on their behalf.
  5. Observe and enhance chatbot performance. Power Virtual Agents allow users to keep a watch on how their chatbots are performing using strong metrics and AI-driven dashboards. Clearly see which topics are performing well and where the chatbot can expand.
  6. Better together. Power Virtual Agents works alongside Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights in order to offer a complete oversight of your company’s customer service operations. Users can utilize Customer Service Insights and Power Virtual Agents to establish which topics are trending or overwhelming support resources, and then can automate them accordingly.

When users build chatbots with Power Virtual Agents, they can author and edit topics. Topics are private communications pathways that, when applied together within a single chatbot, enable users to communicate with a chatbot in a way that feels natural. Developing a chatbot with Power Virtual Agents is simple with the no-code authoring canvas and there is a number of ways users can oversee how the topics cooperate, how the exchanges flow, and what it should feel like.


A huge portion of chatbot conversations in Power Virtual Agents is natural language understanding, which is the capability of the AI to recognize and comprehend a user’s objective. One essential piece of natural language understanding is to recognize and detect entities in a user dialog. An entity can be seen as an information unit that symbolizes a particular type of real-world subject, for example, a phone number, postcode, or city.


Users can allow their chatbot to execute an action by calling a Microsoft Power Automate flow. Flows can support users to automate events or call backend systems. Users can call flows from inside topics. They can operate flows that have already been built in the particular Power Apps environment or create a flow from within the Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas.


Power Virtual Agents also mean that users can publish chatbots to connect with company customers through various channels or platforms. This can include mobile apps, live websites, and messaging platforms such as Facebook.

After a user has published at least one, they can link the chatbot to further channels. Every time they need to update it, they can publish it again from inside the Power Virtual Agents app allowing the chatbot to update over any channels that are connected to their chatbot.

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