Utilizing Office apps with Microsoft Teams to collaborate and build

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Utilizing Office apps with Microsoft Teams to collaborate and build 

 In this era of flexible working, company heads are pushing to inspire their people to communicate their amazing ideas and then work together to find solutions. Microsoft want to help those solutions by making sure they are flexible, active, and cloud powered to allow them to collaborate wherever they are. 

Microsoft 365 encourages teamwork and partnership through a range of tools and services such as Microsoft Teams, along with how to work in partnership in Microsoft Teams and the main aspects that help make up the pillar of cooperation in the modern workplace. 

Highlights of Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is an all-inclusive service that covers all your meeting and teamwork needs, with elements such as: 

  • Screen Sharing
  • Unified Collaboration 
  • Secure file sharing & real-time editing 
  • Hybrid Working 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Privacy and Security 

You want your staff and colleagues to be able to connect and cooperate with each other in the workplace in a manner that is straightforwardadaptable, and efficient. Microsoft Teams offers employees the correct tools in which to co-operate greatly from a remote location, from various devices, and with no risk of missed contact or information silos. By adopting Teams, you can: 

  • Lower costs  
  • Increase employee engagement 
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Allow your employees to be more flexible 


Join together and Design with Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

During team collaboration why not bring up a Whiteboard and share ideas. It’s as simple as joining a Teams meeting, hitting the share button, and the Whiteboard will come up among the choicesJust press it and let the teamwork beginTeam members can leave post-it notes, add their agendas, and much more. Work is automatically saved so it can be consulted and updated whenever you need. 



Microsoft Teams and Planner  

Planner: This useful task management tool is a free-standing service within Microsoft 365, but it’s also strongly incorporated with Teams. Your team can make a new tab within the channel in Teams which will link with Planner. They can then work

on their plan/tasks inside Teams or in Planner for web, they can delete or erase any parts of the plan and will also get alerts from Teams when a task is assigned to them from Planner. 

Whether you are looking to connect with your team remotely, modernise your company with Microsoft Teams or learn more about getting the best out of your business in the current climate then get in touch with us and see how we can help you and your business become as flexible and up to date as it can be! 

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