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In addition to almost 80 million active users a month in over 180 countries, Microsoft Teams Phone has joined together its strong calling abilities with the partnership of document and chat. The last 12 months have profoundly changed all client and staff outlooks, allowing for the big move to hybrid working. Now with more than 250 million users, Teams has developed into the front point for this new era of working. 

With this move to a hybrid environment, major organizations have found an ever-increasing demand to link their employees virtually from numerous sites and time-zones. Teams along with the communities and company culture are presenting employees with ways to coordinate workgroups, cooperate, create new cultures, and manage communications across the entire business. In fact, videoconferencing is now believed to be a “growing craze”, even though only approx. 8 % of the almost 90 million meeting rooms global support it. Teams will bring your company together in meetings, chats, apps, and your business’s methods, all in one hub with a top of the range security levels. With this new change in working, the public’s expectations on collective experiences have completely altered, and the majority of companies are nowhere near prepared to meet these requirements. 

Several businesses are now beginning to focus on these new strategies, the newly formed workplace culture, and current tools that will sustain this vast shift in how individuals work. Teams enables your company the interaction and cooperation needed across both little and large groups, inside and outside your organization for seamless hybrid working. Along with teams, no matter in the world your employees are, you can build a communal hub for you and staff and teams to accomplish more.  

Setting up a channel 

Now, you can build a team of up to 25K members and extend across your whole company and further. Participants of a team can publish a message over several channels at the same time, easily communicating data through several teams and groups. You can build a channel and select the different channel styles to find what best suits your current needs. This can be anything from a basic channel for multiple team cooperation, to confidential channels with a dedicated space, or a public channel, with the ability to preview exclusively and work effortlessly alongside both central and outside parties. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of accessing team templates to design valuable spaces that instantly incorporate various channels needed for numerous subjects. 

Workgroups and communities 

Build the channel you need to work in partnership with your team. This channel allows you to talk virtually, hold meetings and work on joint files. Build the community you want to join with and connect with the whole company. A community allows people to find out what’s going on in the whole organization, distributes information and helps to form those essential workplace connections.  

Effortlessly shift calls between devices 

On occasion, it might be necessary to move a call between devices, say a computer to a mobile device etc. Teams Phone presents you with the opportunity to shift between various devices with no disconnection or disturbance. You can easily open Teams app on the device you need to move the call to and then simply press to shift it. 

Junk calls disrupt workflow, and you will find that most users will be unlikely to answer a call in case it’s spam. The spam detection feature utilizes innovative industry methods in order to detect those junk calls, letting the users pick out the important calls and reject the remainder. Furthermore, Teams digitally verifies outgoing calls to avoid those calls from being rejected by external receivers. 

Join the vast number of businesses focusing on modernising and updating their companies for this new era and gaining all the benefits from the latest features from Microsoft Teams by getting in touch with us today and see how using a trusted, reliable, and highly regarded consultant can help you on your journey to digital reinvention. 

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