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Many of the methods and culture around working have been forever changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, a few of the fundamental business aspects remain slightly or completely unaffected. This is especially true when we think of the way our teams handle data, communicate, and cooperate with others, all which are vital to a successful business. Coordinating work based on importance, accessible data, and requests are also basic business aspects. 

Staff engagement and enjoyment is one of the most essential aspects of creating and maintaining a lucrative company. But pushing employee engagement is not an easy task: globally, only 15% of employees enjoy or are committed to their work.  

Microsoft 365 helps companies unlock new and innovative ways of working. It does not matter if your team is working remotely or if an emergency comes up while their working from home, you will have the peace of mind that your business has the tools in place to help make sure your employees adapt and step up, no matter their location. Not only that, but your team can also use whatever device they happen to be using, without issue and can still easily join virtual meetings, contribute to Office files and be valuable no matter where they are.   

Microsoft 365 is even more appealing since, as a cloud-hosted platform, it can be used in conjunction with Android, Mac, and iOS, not just Windows. Microsoft 365 and its Collaborative Work Management Apps are just the valuable tools you need to help your business achieve as much as possible and heighten staff engagement during this new era of working.  

 Some of Microsoft’s best collaboration tools available to help you digitally makeover your company’s workplace are: 

  • OneDrive For Business 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Yammer 
  • SharePoint 

These collaboration tools offer a range of features from cloud document storing for managing those daily duties, to video presentations for online meetings, and all handle just as well on mobile devices as they would on computers and laptops. Most of all though, everything is clear-cut, easy to comprehend and effortless to use. Each employee should be encouraged to speak to whoever they need, wherever they are in the company, to address the same challenge and then solve that issue within an adequate workflow. 

Real-time co-authoring 

The days of one person working on a file at a time have long gone. Now when an employee needs assistance with a presentation or a document, they can invite reliable colleagues to help them and together they can work to solve the issue. They will be able to work on the file and see each other’s changes, all in real time. That is co-authoring with Microsoft 365. Not only that, but they can also: 

  • Work across different devices and see who else is in the document. 
  • Use @mentions in the comments to get that person’s attention. 
  • See changes made by others while they were away. 

Using Microsoft 365 to make sure all your company’s tools are in place means you will soon realise that work organization and managing within your company is far more effective. You will be able to schedule and save your company’s time and resources at the same time as cutting out unnecessary chaos.  

If you are interested in converting to a quicker, superior work productivity tool and start experiencing innovation then get in touch with us today and see how we at Business Cloud Integration can help your business not only accomplish extra but also heighten and maintain your employee engagement, ensuring both your business and your staff are as productive and successful as they can be! 

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