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The non-profit sector runs on a tight budget, meaning the cost of up-to-date technology can often seem unaffordable. However, using technology efficiently can create improvements in effectiveness, a better delivery on mission, and modernization, much more than just rationalizing the costs and challenges of organizational change. Non-profit organizations can improve business applications, create a better, more protected remote workforce, and in turn create a robust program delivery method. 

For non-profits, the mission is to create community benefit. This entails a different calculation to figure out how technology can improve their success. It is often a more complicated evaluation but still essential. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, associations and non-profit groups are undergoing a massive digital transformation to make sure that their employees have the right tools and technologies available so they can, not only carry out their work to the best of their ability but also uphold the company’s mission. This is more important than ever before due to these ever-changing and uncertain times. 

Energize Your Organization with Cloud and Mobile Solutions

The World Economic Forum reckons that the digital transformation of industries between now and 2025 will create upwards of $100 trillion in newly generated value, fresh financial prospects, and the decrease in negative market impact.  

By accessing cloud and mobile technology, you can energize your organization with the precise tools and processes so that they can work collectively with added security and resources, collaborating with people both inside and outside your organization, whilst driving teamwork and production, making guided decisions, and increasing operational flexibility. 

Supporting easier, better cooperation and interaction among your staff and stakeholders has never been so vital. To reach this goal, many organizations have veered towards Microsoft Teams – a popular cloud-based integrated communication and cooperation platform – to stay dynamic, linked, engaged, and protected despite their location or device.  

With Teams, your staff and international workforce can connect via chat, calls, or video conferences. They can meet online, share and co-edit documents, whilst working alongside colleagues or other companies alike – all in a joint workspace. This will allow your staff to work together more successfully and further your mission. 

Attend Events and Join Tech Communities 

Updates to current technology are easily available. Staying current and up to date can be as ‘non-intrusive’ or simple as staying involved on technology hubs to something more interesting such as attending emerging technology sessions.  

You can be as proactive or reactive as you want. 

Digital transformation is a journey, it doesn’t happen immediately. However, here are five key steps you can take to make a great start:  

Step 1: Set Up a common frame of reference to unify people, processes, and technology.  

Step 2: Evaluate your current digital approach to pinpoint gaps and possible opportunities.  

Step 3: Build harmony by demonstrating how a digital approach can transform your impact. Step 4: Decide how to improve your security in the cloud.  

Step 5: Create your digital transformation strategy and stay motivated. 

If digital transformation is your goal, then get in touch with us to see how we can help you on your journey. Alternatively, take this short quiz to see if your organisation is embracing cloud technology as well as it could be? You’ll receive a personalised scorecard with a traffic light system, meaning you can easily see the areas you are strong in and which areas may need extra work. 

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